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OSX system will be renamed MacOS will bring any new features

OSX system will be renamed MacOS will bring any new features

OSX system will be renamed MacOS will bring any new features

Yesterday, Apple has updated the report by an environmental official website suggests that Apple will rename OSX operating system, the new system will be re-named the MacOS. MacOS name will make Mac system naming naming system consistent with other such tvOS, iOS and watchOS.
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  Before there were reports that the latest Mac computer systems 10.11.4 of the source to find the words macOS code, and well-known fruit powder JohnGruber in discussions with Apple's senior vice president of marketing PhilSchiller tvOS this name, the other side has also been implied. This time we saw the name on the Apple MacOS an environment official update page report, it appears that a unified naming thing is pretty close.

  In fact, not just to rename and other system names are consistent, more importantly, the new Mac system have the opportunity to have a significant change in functionality. What are the important new features waiting for Apple users?

  Apple WWDC will be held in June this year the General Assembly, from the current pace, Apple is likely to release a new generation of OSX system, but that time may already be called the MacOS.

  Recall that Apple released OSXYosemite time, this system is not perfect, although this system has brought many new features, but in fact some features not frequently used by the user, there are some features you can not operate reliably, such as AirDrop, Wi- Fi networks and Continuity functions.

  ElCapitan launch bug fixes previous generation, ElCapitan on my Mac Pro running smoothly, almost did not encounter any problems. If the new generation of OSX is more fluid than ElCapitan, only faster, then this is not what we expect of the Mac OS. We look forward to the Mac OS with the name change, the function should also have changed a lot.
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  1, the version name. We've seen a lot of advice, but we prefer the following names: Mojave (Mojave Desert, California, in the southwest), Monterey (California Los Angeles, a city), Sequoia (Sequoia National Park, California) and BigSur (located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, known as the world's land and sea access to the most beautiful places).

  2, SirionMac. This function rumor for many years, but never realized. Now Cortana have landed Windows, use the voice assistant Cortana query some information and set reminders still very convenient, eliminating a lot of tap steps. Cortana login Windows, which would give Apple some pressure, so Siri landed Mac pace will accelerate.

  According to rumors, SiriforMac nature is not with iPhone or iPad cover the whole screen, and in the upper right corner of the Mac menu bar presents a similar sonic recording device displays a small window, using colorful shapes with black translucent Siri interface. Secondly, in use, the user can [System Preferences] in Mac's Siri to set a keyboard shortcut for and perhaps support "HeySiri" voice call out.

  If Siri voice assistant will really appear OSX platform, it should be the first to debut at WWDC Worldwide Developers Conference on June. The beta version will be released this summer, and according to Apple's official version of the model will launch in September this year.

  According to 9to5mac reports, the possibility of the current OSX platform Siri on the details remain to be changed, and Apple from the beginning of 2012 iPhone4s Siri has been committed to continuous improvement. If in the future Apple Siri really is introduced to the desktop platform up, then I believe the future will further enhance the range of applications for Siri.

  3, better SecureErase / EmptyTrash clearance. On ElCapitan, SecureEmptyTrash function is not able to work in harmony and Flash memory. Flash controller feature called wearleveling's will stop completely erased, will lead to some personal data remaining in the Flash and SSD storage system.

  iPhone is the use of a hardware encryption key data, and this key is placed in a special erasable memory area, not subject to interference wearleveling tool. Delete key, the data disappear.

  Solve OSX / Flash memory problems, encrypted Flash storage, and add erasable storage capabilities, it is a more reliable solution. Thus, Mac users hands when selling computers, but also be able to feel safe selling used the same as the iPhone.

  4, add a new file system architecture. The current HFS + is really too old, in 1998, Classic MacOS 8.1 release when it already has, it lacks features many modern file system needs. We waited for the new file system architecture has been for many years, now is the time to launch a new one.

  However, Apple is using modern Linux / UNIX file system is not the possibility that Apple is more likely to update their own HFS +, may be named HFS ++.

  5, there may be a new version of iTunes. Apple may be copied to Photos iPhoto road. Then we might see, Tunes, Sync and Movies (Movies should be included videos, television programs, etc.).

  March 2001, Apple introduced the Mac OS X10.0Cheetah, this is Apple's first non-beta version of the OS X operating system. This year, Apple's operating system has over 15 years of age, it was felt, OS X operating system has been very mature, ease of use, aesthetics, technology, applications, security and other aspects have been perfect, if you add new features into account, although it is cool , but also bring Bug, affect OS X experience, might as well do a large update, let it maintain the status quo actually quite good. What do you think?
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