Thursday, April 14, 2016

One iPhone4 designer poaching iPhone7 appearance hanging?

One iPhone4 designer poaching iPhone7 appearance hanging?

April 14, according to foreign media reports, Apple's well-known industrial designer Daniel Coster was poached GoPro sports camera manufacturers, Stimulated by the news, GoPro's shares ended trading Wednesday before skyrocketing Jinliang Cheng.

New Zealanders Coster 1993 to enter Apple, Apple had been working in the design department, it is Apple's powerful secret design team of 19 people in an important person. In Apple's more than 20 years, the participation of iPhone4 and iPad and other Apple Wireless Keyboard variety of product design, Apple's design patents 500 participants.

It is regarded as a classic iPhone4
Coster is widely considered to be Apple's legendary designer Jonathan Ive's loyal ally, when the latter served as Apple's head of design, Coster involved in the design of a number of important projects.

It now appears, Daniel Coster in mid-March had been preparing to leave Apple. A month ago, Coster had interviewed a 14-year-old student in New Zealand's Scott Duncan, mentioned in an interview that he planned to go Coster GoPro companies to accept new challenges.

In a statement on Wednesday's, GoPro's CEO Nick Woodman said he first met and Coster in 2001 in Mexico surf, when he was developing the first generation of GoPro sports camera. Nick Woodman represents, Coster will join GoPro and down more motivated.

After joining GoPro, Coster will serve as vice president of the company's design department, led the company hardware and software aspects of the design work, reporting directly to company CEO Nick Woodman.

Coster representation, GoPro is an excellent company, its brands and products to be able to capture many more wonderful moments in life, and to share with friends and family.

Apple's design team dug an important member Coster for GoPro is exciting news, but Apple is undoubtedly a disaster, Coster poached also means that Apple's strong design team lost an important puzzle.
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