Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Meizu PRO6 "to follow suit," said Apple 3D Touch tasteless man

Meizu PRO6 "to follow suit," said Apple 3D Touch tasteless man 

iPhone6s in 3D Touch released from inception to the present has been plagued by controversy, some people think it is a marketing gimmick, however, did not bring much practical significance to the user. But some people think that Apple is currently only truly mastered the 3D Touch technology, even at present for many users, it is not essential, but this feature is bound to bring enormous positive effects in the long run for the entire iOS ecosystem. Today the latest release of the Meizu PRO6, 3D Press emergence seems to have shown that the impact of 3D Touch has spread to Andrews fields.

Meizu 3D Press
  3D Touch added to provide users with a new dimension mode of operation, while greatly improving the operating efficiency of the equipment.

  But there are not many developers take full advantage of 3D Touch is a huge advantage. Although Apple has been encouraging developers to incorporate this technology application development, but does not allow developers to customize development. Analysts believe that Apple's priority is to avoid this technology fragmentation problems in the future.

  In fact, this is very easy to understand, if the user in support of Operation 3D Touch technology applications within the same does not support Operation 3D Touch app completely different words, users and developers will no doubt feel a headache, and Apple also because at the same platform to create two completely different operating experience and suffered questioned.
  Not only can developers do not fully exploit the potential of 3D Touch, there are other aspects 3D Touch. Peek and Pop even though it can accelerate our preview pictures, videos, text messages and e-mail speed, but this does not change the overall user experience of iOS only improve the efficiency of it.

  Apple currently only the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus joined the 3D Touch, but the new 12.9 inches the iPad Pro, 9.7 Yingcun iPad Pro and iPhone SE does not support this feature. This means that in most cases does not reflect the 3D Touch Compared to the traditional mode of operation advantage. MacWorld writer - Jason Snell (Jason Snell) said: You can only say that this is the biggest problem we have not yet come for a solution to the problem, and this is what Apple developers of this technology when. "

  But do not forget that now features 3D Touch though limited, in fact, Apple is paving the way for the future, after the 3D Touch on developers will have more freedom.

  After all, after the news that the future iPhone will cancel the physical Home button design. If so, then the use of no physical Home button iPhone, users do need to be familiar with 3D Touch operation, because it is very likely to replace traditional Home key. So Apple to provide more 3D Touch permission to developers before, the user must be familiar with 3D Touch operation, so that later they can adapt more quickly without Home button iPhone.

  Although Peek and Pop are not essential features, but they do have a reason to exist. In applications easier through these gestures linked to some of the content, so that users can preview. In the iOS 9, Peek and Pop is necessary "devil", Apple is through them so that users accustomed to 3D Touch. Apple can to show this feature to the public through this most simple way.
With 3D Touch to bring up the application shortcuts or multitasking is not all that Apple wants us to know that 3D Touch applications can be deployed in the ins and outs - which is why Apple is not in the 3D Touch provides developers so much authority.

  In a way, Peek and Pop it in 3D Touch is like the Nexus to Android, not only to the default application or a third-party application support 3D Touch for Apple to create a shortcut, but rather to show the new device in this way hardware and software features.

  3D Touch biggest problem lies with the user. Because they are difficult to adapt to a sudden, and if they are heavy users may also need to remember which applications, which support 3D Touch on the steps, and this is a very difficult thing.

  3D Touch can be said over and there is a certain distance, there is room for improvement, but it is now directly declare a premature failure of the function. More, it is more like a springboard, the future will give users a better experience.

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