Thursday, April 14, 2016

Latest iOS10 conceptual design is what you think it

Latest iOS10 conceptual design is what you think it

Not surprisingly, then iOS10 will be with the next generation iPhone 's official release of the push from Apple's autumn conference and nearly half of the time, I could not help but want to have foreign friends RalphTheodory us his mind iOS10 up.
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  RalphTheodory designed iOS10 contains many new features, such as the camera comes with support for two-dimensional code and bar code recognition networking so read the product information, using fingerprint lock settings to prevent malicious tampering application by 3DTouch recall in dial-up interface Quick Contacts Wait.

  The iOS10 concept also takes into account the recent rumors in the settings the user can delete parts of the system comes with the application, thus freeing up more space, this becomes relatively large real possibility.

  RalphTheodory highlighted changes introduced "new version" AppleMusic applications, lower right corner of the interface adds a shortcut menu, the user can also select to display a shortcut to this function on their own; also joined the equalizer settings, lyrics Quick View.
  "The new" Apple Music has a intimate sleep mode, specifically, after playing five music Siri will automatically ask whether to continue playing, if the user does not respond within 10 seconds will automatically stop playing.

  In addition, RalphTheodory made ​​iOS10 conceptual design also includes iPad exclusive new features, through a new small application window can open multiple iPhone-sized applications, support for moving window position and adjust the window size, and combine them with the iPad applications, such as whole keyboard, split-screen mode.

  IOS10 iPad while in the control center on the lower left corner of increased Siri, home, power source three "virtual keys", in addition to the control center button to allow users to customize. The biggest change is the multi-user mode, different users use different iCloud accounts, their data with each other independent of each other, the lock screen to quickly switch users through 3D Touch.

  Finally, the author in the video also shows watchOS3.0, he believes that the future will be able to install third-party Apple Watch dial interface, and can be paired with only iPhone, but also with other Apple devices paired landed same iCloud account.
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