Monday, April 18, 2016

Kumamoto, Japan earthquake by Apple iPhone7 shipments or

Kumamoto, Japan earthquake by Apple iPhone7 shipments or 

According to foreign media reports, Kyushu Kumamoto Prefecture earthquake consecutive days, Sony, Renesas, Mitsubishi Electric and other Japanese manufacturers IDM fabs located in the disaster area have announced lockout, which could affect Apple the iPhone . 7 and the new Macbook Air delivery time.

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  Foreign media said the earthquake jolted Japan Kumamoto semiconductor and optical supply chain, or to lead to a new machine Apple iPhone7 up the goods affected by the occasion, European foreign name, Apple's new Macbook Air notebook supply chain has not yet affected by the earthquake, but key components supplier outgoing flow, and lead to new machines Macbook Air shipping time delayed for fear that Apple concept stocks short-term market outlook dust again.

  Meanwhile, the report pointed out that European foreign issue, Macbook components by the delayed impact of the production, shipping time may be delayed from the middle of the second quarter to the end of the second quarter or the third start of the season, but the components supply flow, and Kumamoto earthquake irrelevant.
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  In this regard, some analysts said, because the new Macbook Air will be major facelift, probably because many components upgraded status as expected, thereby delaying delivery.

  Insiders also pointed out that, iPhone and Macbook Air are the two main stage to maintain the momentum of Taiwan's electronics industry shipments, with Kumamoto earthquake led to supply Apple Sony CMOS sensing element (CIS) production hit as yet unable to estimate the impact , Macbook Air also reported zero component supplier may not ring true cause delayed shipping problems, Taiwan's Hon Hai, and large, Quanta, etc. can become the market outlook, the impact is not small.

  There is also news that TSMC, Dali are frankly in poor light conditions high-end mobile phone market, Apple's iPhone shipments condition is indirectly confirmed lower than expected.

  It is worth mentioning that in 2015, Apple Mac Series notebook rushed global market share of 10.3%, the first super ASUS ranks fourth. Apple will launch a new Mac or in MWDC201 Developers Conference held in June on, and with a new design, with high-definition screens and similar new USB charging cable mobile phone use, the use of Intel processors, the new rose gold color, etc., but the latest renderings have been exposed.
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