Saturday, April 23, 2016

Japanese version of the iPhone price cuts across the board!

Japanese version of the iPhone price cuts across the board!

Many people buy iPhone is going to be considered cheaper Hong Kong version, but there are some consumers very popular Japanese version, because the cost is often more prominent, but in the past year the price rose after the price advantage the Japanese version of iPhone has basically disappeared, and troublesome aspects of network standard also blocked a lot of users.

However, according to Japanese technology blog Macotakara reported that Apple has been in Japan across the board cut the price of the iPhone, including iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE series each capacity version, while the basic price cut of about 10%, and the greater the capacity the greater the decline .

As follows (Unit yen / Price in brackets):

- IPhone 6S 16GB: 78,800 (86,800)
- IPhone 6S 64GB: 89,800 (98,800)
- IPhone 6S 128GB: 101,800 (110,800)
- IPhone 6S Plus 16GB: 89,800 (98,800)
- IPhone 6S Plus 64GB: 101,800 (110,800)
- IPhone 6S Plus 128GB: 113,800 (122,800)
- IPhone 6 16GB: 67,800 (74,800)
- IPhone 6 64GB: 78,800 (86,800)
- IPhone 6 Plus 16GB: 78,800 (86,800)
- IPhone 6 Plus 64GB: 89,800 (98,800)
- IPhone SE 16GB: 47,800 (52,800)
- IPhone SE 64GB: 59,800 (64,800)


The current exchange rate of 1 yen equivalent to 0.0583 yuan, we can look at in terms of their own, such as the latest iPhone SE 16GB, country line version is 3288 yuan, as long as 2790 yuan, a full 15% cheaper than the state line after the Japanese version of the price.

iPhone 6S 16GB BNM needs 5288 yuan, the Japanese version now only 4595 yuan, cheaper by 13%.
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