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Jailbreak doomsday renewed iOS10 or to escape the Terminator?

Jailbreak doomsday renewed iOS10 or to escape the Terminator?

Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007 released the first generation of the iPhone , along with the debut of its first-generation OS system there was still called iOS iPhoneOS. After several years of development, the version of the generations change, iOS system now has become one of the world's mobile phone operating system is currently the most successful. And from the first generation system, Apple has been playing a hacker starting a game, iOS jailbreak is also accompanied by the development of iOS come now, let us recall the history of Apple's jailbreak it.

Recently Apple developers to push the iOS9.3Beta5 latest test version, iOS9.3 official version is expected to debut along with iPhone5SE on March 21, in the latest beta version iOS9.3 in addition to the regular content updates, also sealed blocking earlier found iOS9.3 jailbreak vulnerability, think of escape is almost hopeless. But for the jailbreak news, most of the fruit was not cold, for plugging the loopholes have been issued but no sound, jailbreak became little attention, many people do not even know what iOS jailbreak?

iOS9.3 jailbreak vulnerability fixes

As we all know, Apple's Root privileges are not open to users of jailbreak is to obtain Root privileges iOS. After the acquisition, the user will greatly increase the usage rights iOS system, in addition you can view the iOS file system, free installation AppStore outside the massive software, also you can change the appearance of the theme, to achieve some of the native system can not achieve the function. Jailbreak on this matter, we will talk about each generation iOS system from the missing functionality.

iOS1 Jailbreak: Only for the most simple extension

iOS nascent period, developers released the first jailbreak tool jailbreak tool, the tool was no specific name, but built on the basis of the first jailbreak jailbreak games that let fruit powder impressed.

Perhaps it has been hard to imagine APP day, but on the first-generation iOS system, Apple on certain features and aspects actually far behind time competitors. The first generation iPhone does not support 3G network, does not support multitasking, does not support copy and paste text, which perhaps only missing feature on, more surprisingly, when the OS system does not support the expansion of third-party programs, the first generation iPhone will be completely shut out hackers and developers.

iOS1 era only through Installer to install the software after jailbreak

So the user to install third-party developers to develop software developed only through jail this third-party software to download market, it is worth mentioning that at that time the concept of piracy jailbreak yet.

iOS2 \ 3 Jailbreak: multitasking, wallpaper changer

After iOS2 this version, Apple changed the original idea to allow for the inclusion of third-party applications, and released the first iOS software development kit in March 2008, launched the AppStore in July of that year. Thereafter iOS software springing like coming out, from iPhone has become almost a "universal" mobile phone, the software can not be installed earlier fatal shortcoming has been improved, jailbreak mind has changed.

iOS multitasking in the latter only joined

At the time, the smart phone features in addition to extend the software, but also need to be as computer and can multi-task operation, due to different iOS operating mechanism, iPhone does not allow any application to run in the background. At the same time colorful wallpaper Jobs that will destroy the beauty of the phone, so except for the lock screen, and does not allow the user to change the wallpaper, this generation is that people actually jailbreak the phone for a simple function of demand.

iOS4 Jailbreak: pirated games software installation, gestures

iOS4 is a former four generations of iOS system to improve the appearance of the largest generation operating system, icon design complex lighting effects, the interface looks more beautiful. And change the wallpaper was finally brought into the iOS, in addition iOS also joined the multi-task operation. Overall, in the operation of iOS4 it has become increasingly refined.

Many users jailbreak to install pirated game software

But at the time did not support APPStore RMB payment, you want to buy genuine software is not only expensive for the user step rather cumbersome, so at that time in most of the domestic users to jailbreak is to install free software, of course, this author does not advocate the use of pirated software. In that time many users jailbreak in the domestic environment, the domestic XX aides have begun to flourish.

In addition, as iPhone only one Home key, return to the desktop all the operations need to tap Fengyun button, users often use fear will damage the Home key, installed after jailbreak Activator gesture widget has become just a need.

Fortunately, since then iOS5 update, Apple added to the system in the AssistiveTouch, a white dot on the screen to be used instead of the Home key functions, this feature appears to directly plug Activator gesture sentenced to death. There is also a significant change iOS5 era is, AppStore support RMB payment, and the prices are reasonable replaced yuan, that is, from this point jailbreak users started to decrease.

iOS6 jailbreak: squared input method

Have to say squared input method is definitely a big reason to escape, we all know that the earlier system are standard iOS keyboard, which makes many Chinese users are not suited, typing efficiency is not high, after all, the era of functional machine a habit left over from the time difficult to change, so that users can then install third-party input method plug through the escape plan.
Squared input method is the people's favorite

Thanks to Cook's emphasis on the Chinese market, in the next iOS7 update, Apple added the official squared keyboard, a time full keyboard users accustomed to using large hi Pu ran on the small screen, no longer need to install the jailbreak by Third-party keyboard.

iOS7: calls attribution

Very rampant in the domestic rubbish phone, no calls attribution show a high probability of the misconnection. And many business people to come home to this point functions also have pressing needs, so when there are many users to call home and escape, famous kuaidial Raiders installation and use anywhere in the online search is a lot.

After Apple iOS8 update the joined calls attribution, also allows the user to replace the native input methods using third-party input method, thus further opening iOS, Common jailbreak users almost disappeared.

System function gradually improved iOS10 will kill jailbreak

In the country, iOS devices jailbreak Apple's proportion higher than the global average, paid earlier awareness and user habits have long been promoting the use jailbreak the device. With the constant changes in the OS version, use escape device is gradually decreased.

Since Apple entered iOS7 era, jailbreak user demand has already started to decrease, the cold wave sweeping jailbreak iOS ecosystem. Reports published by the Friends of the Union of the Internet, the proportion of 2013 China jailbreak iOS system from 30% at the beginning of the decline to the end of 12.7%, while the 2014 first quarter report shows that the proportion of the country has been in the freezing point of escape, for less than 15% .

Jailbreak would undermine the stability of the system

So why fewer and fewer users jailbreak it? First escape the expense of the security and stability of the equipment in exchange for iOS system's high authority. In other words, the biggest advantage of iOS is destroyed, users jailbreak system means a certain risk. Secondly, the country also has a large number of third-party licensed software assistant, users do not need jailbreak can install genuine software. Also with domestic users change consumer attitudes, attractive jailbreak for ordinary users than ever before.

After iOS added touch function returns the author would not escape

IOS9 in the current system, the author only escape is to let TouchID achieve without pressing buttons, touch to return to the desktop. If you later add a similar Apple Meizu M-Touch in iOS system, the same function, I believe I will lose momentum escape. IOS8 entering the era after Apple with a more liberal attitude in the face of users, many of the original features have only need to jailbreak iOS system itself can be completed now. I believe that with iOS functions to further improve prospects jailbreak market is probably getting slim, iOS10 arrival day perhaps escape disappearance day.
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