Sunday, April 17, 2016

It will be easy to use than Microsoft's first native iOS Hub

It will be easy to use than Microsoft's first native iOS Hub 

IOS8 open API interface from a third party began, more and more third-party applications to be "perfectly justifiable" to enter the world of iOS, fruit powder to bring a more comprehensive experience. In these third-party applications, the input method is one of the most common types of applications, not just Sogou, Baidu, and other third-party input method iFly touted by users, and even Apple's rival Microsoft also wanted to share. Today, Microsoft's first iPhone input method Hub Keyboard officially added to the iOS platform, then it will be better than the native input method used?
Hub Keyboard Features:

For Android phones for a small partner, Hub Keyboard is not new, it has shelves in February this year, Microsoft built a variety of gadgets for this input method, user-friendly switch seamlessly during operation. Let's look for iOS Hub Keyboard main features:

1, support copy and paste text in your document;

2, the direct search / sharing Office 365 files and contact information;

Hub Keyboard
Hub Keyboard-1
Hub Keyboard will be easier to use than iOS native input method do?

From the feature it is easy to see that Microsoft is mainly for Hub Keyboard device users Office 365 tools installed, its purpose is very simple, is to let these users can be more convenient input method and tools between Office 365 switch the linkage, this is Hub Keyboard input method is different from other third-party input method of the greatest features.
For accustomed to using Office 365 tools users, Hub Keyboard can bring unprecedented convenience, users will no longer need to frequently switch the input method and application documents, only in Hub Keyboard will be able to complete the document text copy and paste, search and sharing operations, improved efficiency.

But for ordinary users, Hub Keyboard attractive current situation is still very limited. First, in the function, it is more inclined to strengthen ties between the Office 365 tools, if your phone is not installed or Office 365 tools rarely used, then the Hub Keyboard can be said simply, "and then the eggs."

Currently, Hub Keyboard for iOS only supports iOS9.1 and above system, but does not support Chinese and squares, etc., as well as limiting the scope of the audience imperfect function allows for iOS Hub Keyboard temporarily in a rather awkward position, not to mention other featured third-party input wears confrontation, even Apple's native input method can also be their second a few blocks.

However, iOS version of the Hub Keyboard shelves just after all, for its future development, Xiao Bian is quite promising, because Android version in the Hub Keyboard, which in addition to support functions described above, there is a very brisk function, that is to support the translation function, the user can switch between languages, which allows you to more easily communicate with foreigners and unrestricted. Of course, this feature is not supported in the English translation, if Microsoft can follow Hub Keyboard species to increase support for Chinese from many third-party input method application breakthrough is possible.
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