Monday, April 18, 2016

IQ Tax! Male subnet purchase iPhone5 jailbreak margin deposit

IQ Tax! Male subnet purchase iPhone5 jailbreak margin deposit 

April 11, Suzhou City People's Court together using the network released low sales iPhone mobile phones false information in order to pay the deposit, " escape the name of" cheat other people's money deposit and other cases.
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  Low purchase deep scam

  September 2015, the victim Yang in the Internet browser, inadvertently found a store called iPhone5 QQ, has long wanted to change the phone with which he struck up a conversation. In the chat Yang learned that the owner is selling QQ iPhone5 phone, the other reported that the price is to let his heart, after a quick look, Yang decided the price of 2200 yuan to buy a 16G of iPhone5 phone. Each other to provide a remittance bank card number and told that he has two payment options: one installment. Pay a deposit of 600 yuan, the balance can be paid in installments; Second, the full payment. Disposable paid in full, the phone comes with film, a protective shell. To get the phone as soon as possible, in the afternoon, Yang put the purchase fee paid through online banking transfer the full amount at once. But Yang has yet to see the other ship, they call reminders goods, the other side see Yang first pay so readily, then you need to pay for a shipment Brush fees and credit guarantee, etc., have let Yang transfer 2 times, a total of 4,000 yuan. However, 6200 has been transferred out of dollars, but still the phone has not yet been received, Yang repeatedly call each other to provide 400 telephone, QQ contact with each other after failing to realize that they cheated.

  Carnal heart stuffed final consequences

  Zhou from high school drop-out after a year at home, in order to make money faster and easier, he played a crooked brains. July 2015, he and his friends online spent nearly $ 10,000 from friends studied there for several scams, carnal wisdom, he can not wait to get money through a scam learned. Immediately, he and his friends purchased two desktop computers, bank cards, identity card number of sheets, 400 phone itself has released low-cost sales of the iPhone information QQ number QQ space and other tools of crime, hanging QQ every day, sit back and wait camel waiting to consult users buy mobile phones. In this way, Zhou within three months after the continuous crime 10 cases, a total profit of more than 20,000 yuan.

  Court after hearing that the defendant Zhou illegal possession for the purpose of fictitious facts, conceal the truth, cheat other people's property, a relatively large amount, their actions constitute fraud, should be held criminally responsible. Taking into account the Zhou to justice, the true account of his crime, and actively ill-gotten gains in full, and ultimately sentenced to detention four months and fined 1000 yuan.

  The judge reminded >>>

  There is no free lunch, come across low-cost mobile phones must be cautious online shopping, consumers need to buy a mobile phone should be purchased through regular channels, not only the quality assurance, even if the future is a problem there is evidence good defenders, not dumped cheap and not worth the candle. The world is not doing nothing good, not driven by profit but blinded by unscrupulous means to obtain other people's property, will eventually fill of evil, because justice has long arms.
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