Thursday, April 14, 2016

iPhoneSE extended delivery time to buy more and more people

iPhoneSE extended delivery time to buy more and more people

Apple's new four inches iPhone after SE officially on sale for two weeks, the official line is expected to show delivery times began to change. All models now iPhoneSE expected delivery time have been changed to "2-3 weeks" before it is "7-10 days." In general, the situation is Apple's new mobile phone market early are in short supply, expected delivery time at least 2-3 weeks, as many as 3-4 weeks.
iPhoneSE delivery time 
Interestingly, when we travel to the US Apple's official website to see, iPhoneSE (all models, all carriers versions) expected delivery time is still not changed, it is 7-10 days. So, iPhoneSE popularity in China than the United States seems to be higher. iPhoneSE stock of Apple retail stores domestic cities within relatively tight, and some even claimed that "domestic retail shelves iPhoneSE day sold out an hour later."

So far, Apple has not released sales figures associated with iPhoneSE. Like the case of AppleWatch, perhaps Apple did not disclose sales also select from "competitive issue" to consider.

iPhoneSE been called the best currently available small-sized smartphone. Throughout the entire smartphone industry, Apple only in the big-screen smart phone popular today launched a new flagship-level 4-inch phone, and its starting price of only $ 399. The selling price and the many Android smart phones rather, perhaps in the near future, we will see a big wave of Android smart phone price cuts.

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