Thursday, April 14, 2016

iPhoneSE A9 processor Which is stronger? Samsung, TSMC renewed dispute

iPhoneSE A9 processor Which is stronger? Samsung, TSMC renewed dispute


 the iPhone SE is Apple's new 4-inch smart phone, this phone is equipped with A9 processor. And with iPhone6sA9 processor is different, the test results very interesting, it seems to A9 processor Which made ​​better still uncompromising.

  For example, A9 processor coding iFixit and Chipworks dismantling iPhoneSE uses APL1022, which is manufactured by TSMC coding. The security Bunny iPhoneSE detected using A9 processor models are all APL0898, which is manufactured by Samsung encoding. AX-CPU detected A9 processor uses two types N69AP iPhoneSE, N69uAP TSMC are all manufactured.

  Sign idi000 said iPhoneSE on the A9 processor manufactured in the end is which say a lot more to that we do not know who to believe. That being the case, we look at the nature of the problem A9 processor that processor performance and power consumption.

  Apple officials said the difference between TSMC and Samsung manufactured iPhone6s A9 processor between about 2-3%, but does not say who is better in the end. Many people believe that TSMC is better, and the world's most stringent hardware review sites Tomshardware test results have indicated that: Samsung manufactured A9 slightly better.

  Tomshardware in the evaluation noted that since both A9 processor architecture design, as the same operating frequency, so their peak performance should be no different. Two kinds A9 processor may not be the same place: the peak voltage reaches the desired frequency.

  Everyday applications, the processor does not always maintain the highest frequency of operation, most of the time at low voltage and frequency to run only when needed to enhance the frequency of short-term to provide enhanced performance. Relationship processor voltage and power consumption is not linear, but exponential relationship, which means that each need to enhance the 100MHz frequency power is increasing, such as upgrade from 1.0GHz to 1.1GHz and 1.1GHz upgrade from to compared to 1.2GHz, which requires a significantly higher power consumption.

  From Apple's previous processor naming, the name suffix letters plus models, lower power consumption, better energy efficiency. The iPhoneSE of A9 processor into N69AP and N69uAP two models, who is the Samsung manufactured? Who is manufacturing TSMC? Current detection software is self-contradictory, it does not seem conclusive evidence.

  Like I think iPhone6s Plus TSMC better than Samsung, but Tomshardware measured but it is better than Samsung, TSMC, so by naming the foundry or processor power to judge the level of the method is not reliable.

  Sign idi000 believes Apple A9 processor voltage control range will be very strict, however, there will still be differences in processor power consumption occurs, users care about this issue would expect to buy the lowest-power products, but it's really to rely on luck.
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