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IPhone7 what would you buy? How to add wireless charging

IPhone7 what would you buy? How to add wireless charging

 April 22 news, JDPower2016 US wireless smartphone satisfaction survey revealed that some can upgrade smartphone availability of advanced features such as wireless charging and fingerprint scanning, allowing users to more actively with the device interaction, increase user satisfaction with the device degree.

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  The survey mainly to investigate user satisfaction (sort order of importance) by the following five factors: performance (25%), ease of operation (21%), batteries (20%), physical design (19 percent) and the nature of (16%). Survey results show that in a number of user-friendly operation features, the wireless charging and a fingerprint sensor device is the user satisfaction of the important reasons.

  Compared to traditional charging method, wireless charging more convenient, reduce the number of times without power shutdown, the user uses the phone's time may be longer and more frequent. Wireless charging and overall user satisfaction related. The survey found (852vs.824) Customer Satisfaction support wireless charging smartphones do not support higher than 28 points.

  And supports wireless charging smartphone users spend on the application is also a little higher ($ 20 to $ vs.18). Such smart phone users spend on monthly subscription service, also more (US $ 137 vs.121 dollars).

  Further fingerprint sensor will also affect the user satisfaction with the device. User with fingerprint sensors in smart phones, 62% of people are more satisfied with the equipment, because this feature can simplify their security access device step. Compared with no fingerprint sensor smartphone users overall fingerprint sensor smartphone satisfaction is high and 42 points (844vs.802).

  JDPower KirkParsons senior director, said: "Health is a battery for mobile devices, and advanced technology it is possible to improve the overall availability of equipment, such as wireless charging will experience a positive impact on the overall user." When a new machine for sale, operators should think how good positioning device new features, such as wireless charging and a fingerprint sensor, which will affect the choice of models as well as customer experience. If the customer is satisfied with their choice of smart phone models, the equipment manufacturers and operators can benefit from the loyalty program and again in consumption.
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  That is the current wireless charging and fingerprint sensor will largely affect the user's decision to purchase equipment and user loyalty. For Apple iPhone , it now has TouchID, is the lack of wireless charging.

  Apple's iPhone5s onwards on its mobile phone integration TouchID, at first using fingerprint to unlock the device is its main function. Now onto iPhone6s, TouchID also been developed to the second generation. Compared to the first generation, iPhone6s basically touch the Touch ID that is open, as long as the finger, the middle is almost no space; and iPhone6 ​​reaction will have about 1 second, iPhone5s obviously been behind the top two, the reaction is much slower . Some users even "complain" not to click on Home button to wake the screen without unlocking see only some of the information notice, because fingerprint iPhone6s too fast, click on to enter the main screen.

  And with the on-line Apple Pay, TouchID is playing a vital role in the development of the mobile payment service. Users can pay for the new iPhone built-in NFC and Touch ID function easy to complete the operation, payment information will be encrypted and stored in Passbook them, pay credit cards Apple ID has been bound, or add a new credit card can be. In addition, Apple will not provide the user's credit card information to the merchant will pay a one-time code and dynamic password, and Apple does not save the user's payment record.

  Also the part of the application has support for user-Touch ID to lock applications, such memoranda. After using TouchID to lock memo, others can not view the contents, we can hope that Apple will extend this feature to more applications.

  As to whether Apple will introduce wireless charging on the iPhone, when the introduction of wireless charging technology, there are no more precise information. Earlier this year, news that, in addition to the standard version and Release iPhone7 iPhone7 Plus, but also may introduce a high version of iPhone7 Plus. But also exposed a high with this version iPhone7 Plus spy. High version iPhone7Plus will use proprietary SmartConnector to complete the wireless charging.

  SmartConnector connection standard last year for the first time in Apple's iPad on Pro launch. According to Apple's introduction, SmartConnector capable of two-way transmission of data and power. Printing speculate whether Apple consider the introduction of wireless charging technology in this product. For this problem, we can only say that there is such a possibility.

  In fact, back in early February this year, there was news that Apple is currently working on developing the next generation of wireless charging technology, will allow iPhone and iPad users can achieve long-distance wireless charging. It is reported that Apple is working with US and Asian partners collaborate to develop new wireless charging technology. Apple is currently working to overcome technical barriers, and other such aspects of the latest technology development plan integrated assessments. One of the biggest problems currently facing remote charging power loss, which means that the device farther away from the charger, it needs more time to complete charging.

  While Apple may have found a solution to this problem, and it is providing partners Energous solutions for them. The company's wireless charging solution is WattUp, it supports smart phones and other small electronic devices in remote distance wireless transmitter charging 4.6 meters outside the place. And Energous have said they will apply this technology in late 2016 into consumer products.

  In terms of timing, Energous technology can be applied to consumer products time and time to market release iPhone7 Plus is basically the same, but we do not know the extent of this "just catch up" on whether Apple will reluctantly in iPhone7 Plus on the use of wireless charging technology.

  Currently the industry generally are not optimistic about this year's iPhone sales, Apple if the company can improve on this generation iPhone Touch ID, add wireless charging technology, whether you think they are able to attract consumers?
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