Friday, April 29, 2016

iPhone7 waterproof sit real third phase of testing has been

iPhone7 waterproof sit real third phase of testing has been 
iPhone7 waterproof sit real third phase of testing has been

It is reported that informed sources said, will be released this year, the iPhone . 7 will support waterproof function. Currently testing has been completed and the third phase, when the production model will likely maintain this new feature. Waterproof mobile phone technology has been difficult, but also the function Mishap large fruit. With many competitors are trying to develop this feature as a selling point, Apple and Apple iPhone users also hope to achieve this breakthrough.
iPhone7 how about news that iPhone7 waterproof function in phase III trials have been completed .jpg
In fact, the iPhone6s, Apple inside the fuselage by adding a layer of waterproof glue approach to strengthen the waterproof function. Compared with the previous older models, Apple iPhone6s / 6sPlus since added many gaskets and silicone seal, waterproof performance greatly improved. Including the recently released iPhoneSE can also see the efforts to enhance the Apple iPhone made ​​waterproof. Foreign reviewers in the waterproof performance iPhoneSE tested, showing iPhoneSE and iPhone6s fairly. Oh? According to the test 6s thrown four feet into the water directly scrapped.

Lei Feng network According to previous reports, the Taiwan media reported that, iPhone7 will adopt a new composite material, both waterproof and can hide ugly day line. Apple may want to be integrated into the antenna housing which make it a part of the housing.

But Apple seems new iPhone7 on waterproof performance needs to be thoroughly redesigned, including how to solve the water problem ports, switches and buttons, etc. of.

In any case, the lack of innovation of iPhone sales slump already facing a crisis, water was added as a new selling point is good ah!
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