Thursday, April 14, 2016

IPhone7 screen pass major changes in water and dust finally

IPhone7 screen pass major changes in water and dust finally

In the past we have been rumors of the iPhone 7S will employ AMLOED touch screen, but now it seems the situation has some changes. According to friends broke the news in the bar, due to the increase AMOLED touch screen and a lower price suppliers, Apple will be the first equipped with AMOLED touch screen on iPhone7, under orders to suppliers, it is also already started production, but according to He said touch screen size and resolution are not changed.
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The first touch screen with AMOLED

Apple will be equipped with AMOLED touch screen of the next iPhone has long been rumored in the statement, originally well-known news analyst Kuo Ming-pool is given at least until 2019 before switching to the new touch panel, but later turn ahead of time to 2017, the so-called iPhone 7s will be equipped with AMOLED touch screen. But now the situation seems to have been some changes. According to the friends in the bar on a stick broke the news that this year's launch of the iPhone 7 will be powered confirmed AMOLED touch screen, and Apple has submitted orders to suppliers, we have even started production.
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As for Apple to switch to AMOLED touch screen on iPhone7 reason, according to friends say is due to the lower panel prices, and an increase in AMOLED suppliers, so based on profit considerations, decided to switch to AMOLED panel, but the iPhone 7 Both models touch screen size is still 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, and the resolution is not changed.

Or LG supplier

Although the users did not disclose the iPhone screen with AMOLED touch-panel supplier, but said the use of a GRB arrangement, it should seem like a long time for Apple to provide a touch screen panel LG, and the same is expected there will be more Apple provides manufacturers AMOLED panel. Previously, Apple has for the first time AMOLED display on the Apple Watch, and mainly supplied by LG.

However, over the authenticity of the message has not been confirmed, even if the supplier has already started production of AMOLED panels for Apple, but it does not rule out a small series production possible, after all, Apple has always released before the new machine to test multiple prototypes diet . Of course, if the future of the iPhone 7 will really prepare the body becomes thinner, then the use of AMOLED panel does come with better support in this regard.

Support waterproof function

Some regret, although rumors of iPhone 7 will be equipped with more powerful processors, and even memory will upgrade again, but the offer 4.7-inch and 5.5 inches touch screen with two versions still marking time in terms of resolution. However, the good news is that the revelations brought friends, iPhone 7 will add dust and waterproof design, which is quite consistent with previous rumors.

Previously, foreign media SlashGear once quoted informed sources broke the news that the future iPhone7 and 7 Plus will indeed become more slim, the specific thickness between about 6-6.5mm, and may increase the battery capacity . In addition, iPhone7 canceled 3.5mm headphone jack, headphone switch interface to replace Lightning has been largely confirmed and iPhone7 Plus will first attempt to dual-lens design, so compared to cash iPhone6s series in terms of change in all aspects is quite remarkable.
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