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iPhone7 or switch to Intel-based band is not all Netcom Mishap

iPhone7 or switch to Intel-based band is not all Netcom Mishap

iPhone7 or switch to Intel-based band is not all Netcom Mishap

Recently, reports Bloomberg given that Qualcomm CEO Steve Moran Cove (Steve Mollenkopf) implies that, in the new iPhone baseband choice, Apple is not as before, all the orders given to them. Moran Cove, said Apple gave them orders to competitors part, but it should be is Intel.
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In fact, long ago, there are reports that Intel will become iPhone7 built-LTE baseband chip supplier, but the share will reach 40%, and Intel currently has more than 1000 employees, is responsible for iPhone7 require Intel 7360 LTE baseband chip.

Currently the performance of the chip 450Mb per second download speed, upload speed of 100Mb per second, support for 4G LTE Cat. 10 specifications, and can use 29 4G LTE bands.

Even in 2015, when there were already iPhone baseband to introduce Intel rumors.

So, iPhone baseband why we want to change? What does this mean for the industry and consumers do?
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First, Apple's strategy

In fact, Apple Looking outside Qualcomm partner things are not surprising, since Apple has long been a basic strategy is to try not to rely entirely on the sole supplier.

Traditionally, mobile phone manufacturers tend to build with the exclusive supplier of long-term cooperative relationship, the use of exclusive products to add bulk and reduce costs. Apple always be wary of suppliers. Possible, choose twenty-three suppliers on one accessory.

Apple's screen has been LG, Samsung, Sharp, JDI, Apple's flash memory Samsung, Toshiba, Apple's OEM division processor to TSMC and Samsung. iPhone7 OLED was going to change, largely because AUO OLED is ripe, Apple can not be too dependent on Samsung.

Apple likes to make suppliers compete with each other, because iPhone sales is large enough, the big apple as the purchaser can get better quality products and lower prices.

On the other hand, multiple vendors can also tackle some unforeseen circumstances, such as a supplier because cut production accident, disaster or strike caused Apple is easy to get compensation from another vendor, without affecting productivity.

iPhone initially with Infineon baseband (Infineon later acquired by Intel), but due to the complexity of the baseband chip, Apple uses Infineon chips there have been some problems, so the iPhone4 after consistent use Qualcomm's baseband chip but as this is a violation of Apple's consistent principle, in fact a monopoly Qualcomm baseband chip supply, Apple can not counterbalance the high pass.

So expensive Qualcomm chips used by Apple, but Apple as give Qualcomm to pay royalties, so accustomed to squeezing the supply chain of Apple and Cook very uncomfortable.

Infineon is Intel after the acquisition through a period of digestion, the products are on the right track, Intel's 3G baseband chip low power gives a deep impression to the 4G era, XMM 7260 (on 7360 generation) Samsung GALAXY Alpha is used, and doing well. This allows Apple Intel has more confidence.

At this time Apple introduced Intel can bring complete high-pass checks and balances in the group, which in the future iPhone7 cost and delivery are good. TSMC also because Qualcomm, Apple and grab technology funding source , but Intel is its own process, and the process is quite good.

Second, apples for baseband save Intel

Currently, they are also designed and manufactured chip vendors have few, Intel is one of them. Over the years, Intel technology proud to own the world's first, but recently they encountered a strong challenge.

In the past ten years, we are accustomed to Intel's dominance, when AMD, IDT still use 0.35 micron time, Intel has begun with 0.25 micron, 0.25 micron evolved to make AMD when Intel has evolved to 0.18 micron.

While the Intel processor architecture will sometimes lags behind its competitors, but the technology is always leading. Whether AMD PC field, or do mainframe IBM, Intel has always lagged behind in the process of a chip.

High-end chip technology guarantees excellent performance and power consumption, while the profit for the Intel chip research and development funds to help Intel continue to progress in the process, so the cycle, throw off opponents Intel, Intel unrivaled in the world.

The mobile era, the rise of ARM processor, but ARM products used in foundry industry technology still lags behind Intel, the industry is still using 40nm when the 22nm Intel already.

However, in recent years the situation has changed after the 40nm, Samsung and TSMC sales by phone SOC great opportunity to accelerate the process of the upgrade process from 40nm to 28nm and then 20nm, 16nm (Samsung 14nm), Samsung TSMC almost a year and a big, fast progress.

Intel has again and again slowed the pace of the upgrade process, 14nm postponed, 10nm postponed. Now in the roadmap, Samsung and TSMC's 10nm process earlier than the Intel. Intel technology status of the king in jeopardy.

So this has been 12,000 layoffs, while Apple's orders to Intel can bring a ray of hope.

For Intel, for the base band is just the beginning, Intel's technology is still in the leading position, if Apple's future processor from Samsung, Intel, TSMC to grab a piece of that is a big cake.

Intel's leading technology is based on demand, evolving foundation.
PC in the period of rapid growth, a large number of CPU demand, Intel lucrative, and demand and competition has been to stimulate Intel to improve technology, research and development technology. Today PC shrinking demand, if Apple can be replaced, so Intel can continue to maintain technology advantage.

Moreover, this door opened, and this vendor Huawei is willing to give Intel technology resources. If Intel can do face down, with its accumulated technology and re-opened with Samsung, TSMC distance is not difficult. Intel will be saved.

Third, Chinese consumers have little effect

Since Qualcomm CDMA monopoly, currently Intel can not support CDMA 7360 LTE is, that can not do the entire network in China.

The mobile phone market in China, the entire network is an important selling point, Apple iPhone4 early age to get the three operators. Today, because of the change baseband, then toss to different versions of the iPhone in China probability is not too large.

Even if you want to toss, will some of the custom machine operators, other operators do not allow you to use the card.

In fact, early in the morning when Apple to use Intel baseband rumors in early 2015, there was news that for the core will start from the emerging markets of Latin America and Asia. So Intel baseband iPhone will enter China are the problem.

For the Chinese fruit powder, this news is to see, will not have any substantial impact.

Worry about different versions of the baseband affect the performance of the fruit powder can be assured.
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