Saturday, April 16, 2016

iPhone7 / Apple Watch2 Published September homogeneous

iPhone7 / Apple Watch2 Published September homogeneous

Although Apple Watch Apple expected sales did not high, but it is already the most popular smart watch, and soon upgraded version of this product will meet with you.
Apple Watch2.png

It should be noted that, in the upgrade of Apple Watch, Apple intends to introduce a major update of the two strategies, this looks like iPhone relations, iPhone XS, for the upcoming Apple Watch 2, prior to the news that, compared to the shape no major changes in the previous generation (performance upgrade), but will become thinner (the thickness of the previous generation by 30% -40%).

Now, the latest news given chain, Apple has begun to throw Apple Watch order 2, and it is expected to begin trial production next month, the fastest, the overall list of suppliers similar to the previous generation list of suppliers, such as Samsung OEM processor, and is responsible for NAND flash memory.
iPhone7 dual cameras .png
Chain sources stressed that the new generation iPhone orders Apple has completed arrangements for mass production expected to begin in June, and its release date is scheduled in early September, there appeared together Apple Watch 2 generations.

It is reported that the next generation iPhone is currently the most frequently used test is the dual camera version, in addition to Apple to ensure that it yields, but also optimization of dual cameras, it is certain that, if the final launch, it must be a limited edition.

September debut iPhone7 expected to have three domestic users must be sought after limited edition dual cameras?
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