Wednesday, April 20, 2016

IPhone6s thinner than the thickness of the body exposed iPhone7

IPhone6s thinner than the thickness of the body exposed iPhone7

When it comes to all aspects of smart phones now, manufacturers are almost compete with friends in all aspects, what should come to race with, for example, conventional hardware configuration, performance run sub, camera, etc., the situation in Andrews mobile camp in common, but on Apple's own iPhone also have this case, the foreign media have recently exposed iPhone7 body will be thinner than the thickness of iPhone6s.
IPhone6s thinner than the thickness of the body exposed .jpg iPhone7
iPhone7 concept map
When it comes to controlling the thickness of the smartphone, manufacturers are painstakingly considered only makes the phone grip and beauty both, iPhone6 ​​and iPhone6s because the projection and camera 3D Touch an increase in the thickness of the body, respectively, while the foreign media message is iPhone7 body thickness compared iPhone6s will be thinner, but the method is not implemented using pit father's sacrifice battery capacity, but the use of new technologies.

Exposure mentioned iPhone7 expected 6-6.5mm thickness of the fuselage between contrast iPhone6s body thickness 7.1mm thin in terms of really a lot, and in the interest of all relevant information iPhone7 battery is battery 7.04wh, and phone6s is 6.61wh, and this is achieved using a new antenna module is called encapsulation technology, thin body but the battery capacity is not possible to shrink the technology to more components into single package, save the appropriate space, easy to put down a larger battery, it is learned iPhone7 Plus battery will reach 3100mah.

The early period of time there is news that Apple will cancel the 3.5mm universal headphone jack on iPhone7, on the one hand but also to the body more slim, the other is to promote its own high rate Apple Music Service and to sell their own research and development of Bluetooth wireless / wired headset.

Thus in iPhone7 will be no small change in appearance, with everyone expecting it to come.
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