Saturday, April 16, 2016

iPhone6s / SE is not to force sales of mobile phone chip demand fell TSMC

iPhone6s / SE is not to force sales of mobile phone chip demand fell TSMC

Since TSMC joined Apple A series chip suppliers squad, the world's largest contract chip maker's revenue has been growing steadily. However, with the iPhone gradual saturation in the high-end market, TSMC's chip business is also beginning to be affected. According to a recent report from the "Bloomberg", the 2016 second quarter results will be lower than TSMC analysts expected, mainly due to more than $ 500 is not so popular in the mobile phone.

  That is to say, more than $ 500 smart phone chip demand in the second quarter of this year saw a decline trend. TSMC forecast in accordance with aspects of the emerging markets, including China, will drive the price of smart phones in the end (under $ 500) development, while they have cut more than $ 500 smartphone chip production orders. In fact, both TSMC or other smart phone vendors, has admitted in a recent earnings conference on the second quarter of 2016, shipments of smart phones will have fallen sharply, even "make history."

  Apple is also true. In the earnings call last quarter, Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged the 2016 second quarter iPhone shipments will decline for the first time, and the first-quarter revenue will be down nearly 10 years.

  Specifically, TSMC's smartphone chip supply orders will be reduced from the previous 8-7%, while the global smart phone shipments will decline to increase the percentage of "historic" single digits. "Bloomberg" that the increase in smart phone shipments this year, mainly rely on low-end models, such as US $ 400-500 smartphone growth at this stage is still considerable. Is this is one of the reasons Apple to launch US $ 399 iPhoneSE of?
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