Monday, April 18, 2016

iPhone5 / 5C one after the FBI cracked iPhone 5s / 6 be far behind.

iPhone5 / 5C one after the FBI cracked iPhone 5s / 6 be far behind.

FBI has repeatedly said that they do not have the ability to unlock the iPhone, so I want to investigate an iPhone hidden inside information is necessary to assist Apple. However, the recent spread of terrorist attacks in the world  survey has indicated that, whether they're by yourself or other helper, FBI still can not rely on Apple to unlock the iPhone. Moreover, this case is not unique.
iPhone55C one after the FBI cracked iPhone5s6 be far .jpg

According to "Forbes" magazine reports, FBI had successfully unlocked a 2015 survey were included in the scope of the iPhone5. FBI did not disclose how they were unlocked iPhone5, but security experts believe that they will use the same method to deal with now need to investigate a iPhone5s. It is understood that this is a iPhone5s engaged in the drug trade in New York all the criminals, the local government has put forward the request to unlock the phone to Apple.

Since before the FBI has been successfully unlocked iPhone5c, therefore we can speculate that Apple will be any reason to refute the government's requirements: You already have help, you do not need us to help unlock.

At present we do not know the FBI in 2015, unlocking iPhone5 technology used with this method are the same unlock iPhone5c earlier FBI director James Comey has admitted, they unlock iPhone5c method is not applicable to like iPhone5s, iPhone6, iPhone6s such a device has a 64-bit processor. The case lasted for about two months, FBI say there is really a few words of it?
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