Tuesday, April 19, 2016

iPhone use liquid metal next year to build?

iPhone use liquid metal next year to build?

 In accordance with the iPhone design for two years, a drastic change in the tradition, this year we can see the new design of the iPhone 7. But the fact is that in recent months we have heard the news but are claimed in the shape of iPhone 7 will not be drastic changes and iPhone 6s. At the same time, there are reports that the iPhone next year will be a very different new products. In other words, iPhone design changes into a cycle from two years to three years.

  First, regardless of whether these messages are accurate, next year will be redesigned iPhone version is based. Because next year is 2017, which is the 10th anniversary of the launch of iPhone, Apple should have a big news is not impossible.

  iPhone will be how to re-design? Recent rumors based on a well-known analyst, he is Kuo KGI's pool. In March this year, Kuo Ming-pool represents 2017 flagship iPhone will use exterior design similar to the iPhone 4, which is a glass-sided in its forecast report. However, by April, Kuo Ming-pool increase the proportion of "glass" of such elements in the report: next year's iPhone will use the all-glass body design.

  Although the analyst prediction accuracy rate is quite high, but people still questioned its report. Insiders believe that, if the iPhone 7s all-glass body design, it will be the history of the most fragile of the iPhone, which does not comply with Apple's marketing philosophy. Therefore, Guo Ming pool is likely to be its message to the source misled, he mentioned glass is actually a liquid metal.

  Why is a liquid metal? It's a been associated with Apple, but as insubstantial like a sapphire material, we have heard rumors just 5-6 years. Having said that, but Apple has not given up, but this liquid metal material:

  - Apple has been maintained exclusive supply agreement with the liquid metal supplier of Liquid Metel

  - Apple has been in the application for the use of liquid metal technology patents

  Apple spent years in a particular technology is very common. For example, 3D Touch function on the iPhone 6s, Jonathan had said that Apple engineers took the technology "Many, many, many years." So, like we've heard this liquid metal material a few years, who suddenly appeared in the iPhone it is not impossible. IPhone launch next year is the 10th year, Apple will not be like a slogan of the year, as the phone redefined?
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