Saturday, April 16, 2016

iPhone SMS how to save? There is enough SmsSave widget

iPhone SMS how to save? There is enough SmsSave widget

Have you ever thought of a sentence in a text message (SMS or iMessage) are saved and can use the information on your iOS device to view? Recently, a plug-in called SmsSave officially added, which lets the user information in the application information iOS device in a special way to be saved.

To save the conversation to a message, users simply click and long press until after the operation to open the menu option to save, you may want to save the information you want to collect.
To view this information, simply return to the main window of the application of information you'll find in the top right corner of the interface will be a star-shaped button, click to open it will find a list of information that you have saved.

You can click on any saved information to view the contacts (contact information is received or transmitted), if you want to delete this information, then slide to the left in the list and then select Delete.

If you are interested in this widget, you may wish to BigBoss source for free downloads, support iOS9 system. Although you can also copy the information into other applications to save, but what is more intuitive than the information stored in the application as well?

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