Tuesday, April 19, 2016

iPhone SE appears difficult to sell it more difficult to buy strange phenomenon

iPhone SE appears difficult to sell it more difficult to buy strange phenomenon

iPhone SE appears difficult to sell it more difficult to buy strange phenomenon

  According to foreign media reports, the end of March, Apple began to be sold in the spring conference of the world's new four-inch cell phone the iPhone SE. Unexpectedly, iPhone SE there is a strange phenomenon, there has been no goods to sell in some of the United States, China and other countries. This is probably one of the reasons Apple's iPhone SE compressed yields.

  Reported that, in the current second quarter, Apple has informed upstream suppliers in the first quarter of the iPhone will continue to implement production cuts, introduced last year showed that two mobile phones iPhone 6s and other sales still in the doldrums. In other words, in the first and second quarters (NATURAL season) 2016, Apple's mobile phone sales will slump dramatically appear. Cook, Apple's head early in the first quarter revenue also fell, carried out notice.

  It is worth mentioning that the Nikkei news report also quoted vendor channel that "Apple is apparently reluctant to produce enough new iPhone SE phone." The new mobile phone iPhone SE particular scale of production in the first and second quarter of this year, It is still unknown.

  In the spring conference, executives said Apple has launched the iPhone SE, there are two reasons, first is to meet the needs of small-screen users. Another is to satisfy those who want to try before iOS ecosystem of Android users into the iOS reduce ecological threshold.

  However, Wall Street generally believe that the reason why Apple's iPhone 5S to three years to upgrade the main purpose is to improve the 2016 off-season sales of mobile phone sales (ie the first three quarters). In addition to the well-known iPhone 6s weak sales, 2016 will be a bumper year Apple's mobile phone upgrade, it is highly likely to launch "iPhone 7". Therefore, a large number of upgrades for the iPhone 6s disappointed consumers will Chibidaigou until the fourth quarter in October.

  In addition, the technology media analysts pointed out, iPhone SE Another important aim is consuming upstream suppliers of iPhone 6s parts inventory backlog. Before dismantling mechanism has been found in the part of the sale of the iPhone SE phone, using last year's iPhone 6s production to suppliers of parts, including TSMC manufactured A9 application processor.

  Prior to iPhone SE officially on sale, analysts believe that this phone sales in 2016 will be the year of between 10 million to 20 million. Apple's quarterly sales and a 75 million mobile phones compared to the results, iPhone SE sales is very limited.

  Since the iPhone SE only at the end of March, early April, the global sale, so the mobile phone handset business for Apple specific pulling effect only at Apple in the second quarter (third quarter) earnings report seen. Second quarter earnings are expected to be announced in July.
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