Thursday, April 14, 2016

iPhone sales decline? Analysts: iPhone7 will turn the tide

iPhone sales decline? Analysts: iPhone7 will turn the tide

Released in the second half of iPhone . 7 is an important model smartphone market industry, but also may save iPhone sales decline has played a crucial role, analyst Simona Jankowski from the investment firm Goldman Sachs believes iPhone7 consumer demand for We will be very strong.

  The analyst issued because of such "speech", is based on an online survey recently from the United States of 1000 aged 18 years and older consumers conducted. Although the analyst found that only 17 percent of respondents plan to purchase an iPhone in the next three months, but the fall of the respondents are willing to buy iPhone7 it has reached a considerable 44%. In this part of the user, a further 70% of respondents claimed is already iPhone users. In addition, about 24% of respondents said they are from Andrews to switch from the camp.

  2014 iPhone6 ​​then has a new design, but this year launched iPhone7 in appearance may be only a minor changes, such as re-design of the fuselage on the back of the antenna, with dual camera system, the abolition of 3.5mm headphone jack.

  With the arrival of Apple's second-quarter earnings, Jankowski that Apple can produce a revenue of $ 54.4 billion, earnings per share were $ 2.17, iPhone shipments of 53.6 million units transcripts.
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