Thursday, April 21, 2016

iPhone sales could save iPhone7 long way to go to see it

iPhone sales could save iPhone7 long way to go to see it

According to Bloomberg, Apple's most popular products this year for the first time may face a bleak sales situation. According to the British Barclays Bank analyst Mark Moskowitz (Mark Moskowitz) and his team of analysts said they expected the next two quarters, Apple's iPhone sales will decline, partly because they did not see any sense flagship model major upgrade. "Our research shows (iPhone7) model does not change any essential form factor.
iPhone7 long way to go to see if it could save the .jpg iPhone sales
In this case, iPhone7 similar replacement cycle rather than the great cycle (for example iPhone6), "the analysis said this team. Now they forecast 2016 iPhone sales will decline 1.8 percent, lower than previously expected.

Other Apple products such as iPad sales have also declined, but the decline in iPhone sales more worrying, as it accounted for more than 60 percent of Apple's quarterly revenue. If this continued to decline after 2016, analysts are difficult to Apple reserves optimism. "If iPhone sales slowed lasted 2-3 quarters, we do not expect service or other parts will be provided to make up a huge presence even after equipment installation services revenue and one-year lag."

However, analysts do not think the team will be more than three quarters of stagnant growth, and therefore still optimistic that future upgrades, that will be more impressive after iPhone7. "This leap will exhibit significant morphological changes, including OLED (organic light emitting diode, which causes the display brighter), no home key, and wireless charging. In our view, these potential changes will drive a huge loop to support the 2017 iPhone sales increased 10.3%, while the previous growth rate of 6.3%. "

Because of concerns about iPhone sales, Apple's stock price has some instability, which shows how important this product to Apple.
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