Sunday, May 1, 2016

iPhone Not everyone knows this place makes Apple a headache

iPhone Not everyone knows this place makes Apple a headache

iPhone Not everyone knows this place makes Apple a headache

Apple has the world's most powerful brand, but in some countries, the Apple logo and seem unable to "sparkle." India is one of them. According to the report, Morgan Stanley analyst Katie Hu Bertie (Katy Huberty) and his team, nearly half of the Indians did not know the iPhone .
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The report shows that: "The most surprising is that Apple's brand awareness in India is very low, and the expansion of distribution channels, strengthen the marketing will probably be the key catalyst on the development of the brand in the Indian market, Apple is still at an early stage near. half of the respondents did not know Apple. "

In fact, in India, the country's second most global population, Apple's brand recognition behind nine other consumer electronics brands, including not only Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, even including Indian brand Micromax and Karbonn.

Morgan Stanley's report is not bad news for Apple. The report shows that if Apple launched the marketing, distribution or increase the intensity, then there will be huge room for growth. Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) and other executives recently said they believe India will be the next important growth to the source .

According to "The Times of India" reported on Friday, Apple licensed the Government of India, will open its first Apple retail stores in India. Recently, Apple for financially strong corporate customers launched iPhone leasing program. By virtue of lower prices, Apple's recent new product iPhoneSE considered suitable Indian market.

In India, Apple Another important strategy is based on low-cost second-hand mobile phone sales refurbished. Morgan Stanley believes that this is a good strategy.

Over the past few years, the huge Chinese market, Apple's growth engine. However, with the Chinese smartphone market saturation, Apple's cool relations with China, the company needs to find large new markets to sell iPhone. India will be such a market. But first, Apple needs to get more Indians know their products.

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