Friday, April 22, 2016

iPhone jailbreak / not escape View / Save gif picture tutorial

iPhone jailbreak / not escape View / Save gif picture tutorial

iPhone how dynamic view gif image? We know, iPhone itself does not have the functionality to view gif image, gif you want to see on the iPhone, you have to use third-party software or plug-ins after the jailbreak can achieve. Here 25PP Xiaobian introduce iPhone jailbreak / jailbreak not view gif image method.

1, Jailbreak articles

iPhone after jailbreak can install plug-ins to achieve conservation and view gif image function. The following small series to introduce you, is already compatible with the latest iOS9.0-9.0.2 escape gif plug GIFViewer. GIFViewer main function is to preclude application of the system comes with the photo can not be saved with the GIF image GIF image viewing restrictions, end user via the web, QQ, micro letters and other third-party clients save gif image, and view applications in the iPhone comes with photo .

QQ picture 20160215164059.png

GIFViewer install and use:

Source Address: BigBoss source

Compatible Systems: iOS7-iOS9 jailbreak

Fees: $ 0.99

After the device has been opened jailbreak Cydia jailbreak store, search installation GIFViewer plug, restart the device to automatically take effect after installation is complete. GIFViewer no application icon, do not need any settings, when the device successfully installed GIFViewer, you can enjoy dynamic enjoy gif image brings a different kind of fun on the iPhone.

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2, do not escape articles

And install third-party plug-ins in order to achieve on a non jailbroken iPhone to save and view gif image function, you have to use third-party applications. View gif image support iPhone applications there are many, like Mito gif, GIF Viewer etc., and today we want to introduce the latter --GIF Viewer.


GIF Viewer, jailbreak widget GIFViewer name is the same as described above, but they are not from the same developer hands. Functionally, GIF Viewer supports playback of album gif image, gif and forwarding supports uploading pictures on the micro letter, QQ, microblogging and other third-party applications.


GIF Viewer is divided into free and Pro (paid version), with support from the free version of the system comes with the photo application reads gif image, allowing users to create their own albums as well as limited support gif image by connecting the computer to transfer the application to the gif image in. The Professional version is based on this added to advertising, password lock, gif create unlimited albums, watch gif pause screen and adjust the picture playback speed will switch to gif video and other functions. Upgrade to the Pro version of the price is 12 yuan.


With third-party software or plug-ins to help jailbreak, iPhone can also view and save gif image like the Android phones. If you like playing on the iPhone motion picture gif, you may wish to try it.

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