Friday, April 22, 2016

iPhone jailbreak can not shield a method where video ads

iPhone jailbreak can not shield a method where video ads

For the jailbreak of iPhone users, through plug-ins to achieve some of the current iOS version does not support function is a joyful thing. This also adds iPhone playability. Currently, iOS9.2 / 9.2.1 jailbreak tool has not been released, but we can pass some settings to achieve the jailbreak iPhone features, such as video ads removed.
iOS9 jailbreak removed Tencent / Iqiyi video advertising methods [ link ]

  Now, iPhone and other smart phones for many consumers a fun mobile Internet, smart phones use the hands of people no longer limited to phone text messaging, you can also run a variety of different types of applications, including the music and video. However, App video service provider-per-view will play nearly a half of advertising, if not VIP members, these App is unable to skip ads.

  In order to watch the video when to remove annoying ads, iPhone users tried a variety of tricks, such as jailbreak, and install the plug. But with the upgrade iOS acceleration, the speed jailbreak tools, plug-ins can not meet people's demand for the iteration. So, the question we need to consider that, in addition to the installation jailbreak plug, there is no other way to look at advertising exempt worry about it?

  Recently, a man named "cloud meaning" in the Apple forum users to share an unwanted escape, nor need to install plug-ins can be no effective way to see the video ad, if you have needs in this regard, it may wish to contact a small series together to learn about.

  The friends said, after he personally tested this method in the iPhone end 100% effective, and support the latest official version iOS9.2.1 system, but note that this method is only valid for Youku App.

  The first step: Use this method to remove the ad, it needs to be set in a wireless network. Therefore, we must first turn on the iPhone side settings - wireless LAN.
  Step Two: Click the iPhone has been successfully connected wireless network name to the right of the exclamation point button, click on the name of WiFi is also available.
  The third step: As shown above, enter the interface has been pulled down, we then need to do is "HTTP proxy" in this column click on the "Auto" tab. By default, this column is selected by default is "Off", then switch to "Auto" will appear in the URL box that can be filled.

  Step Four: This step is the most important, we need to enter in the URL box: http: //

  Step Five: After setting up the above "HTTP proxy", we need to re-look iPhone wireless network connection.

  Step Six: After the completion of the operation, we can click on Youku App verify whether achieved without watching video ads. Xiao Bian try after the discovery, iOS9.2.1 official version has been watching the video ad played to remove the default, no members, no jailbreak does not require plug-ins.

  However, a user pointed out, since this method uses a third-party agent, so users may be at risk of information leakage, therefore 25PP Xiao Bian remind you to use caution.
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