Tuesday, April 19, 2016

IPhone hacker eavesdrop conversations could be so easy

IPhone hacker eavesdrop conversations could be so easy

Although Apple iOS security very seriously, and even willing to say FBI "no", but hackers from Germany he said, including iPhone , including all smart phones in the mobile network vulnerabilities are actually very fragile, they just need to know your phone number will be able to eavesdrop on your calls, read your information, and track your location.

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  US CBS television news program TV 60Minutes invited hackers to substantiate their claims. They agreed to participate in the testing of MPs TedLieu provides a new iPhone, and hackers in addition to a phone number and no access to other information. Subsequently, the iPhone hackers call the contents of the replay.
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  It is understood that, hackers have been able to so easy to eavesdrop on conversations to the iPhone, because they found the Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) of a security vulnerability, which is the core of the global mobile phone system, through which operators exchange billing information every day billions of calls and text messages sent through it.

  German hackers, computer engineering PhD at the University of Virginia KarstenNohl hacker conference in Berlin, said that in addition to telephone tapping and information reading, he also able to track the location of MPs in the case of iPhone positioning system shut down.

  In this regard, TedLieu said he was very surprised, he said: "Last year, I told the president on the phone to talk about some of the problems, if hackers are tapping my phone, these conversations will leak out, which is very disturbing . "
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