Monday, April 18, 2016

iPhone glass envelope again return? | This feature Cock burst open Microsoft IME beta iOS

This feature Cock burst open Microsoft IME beta iOS | iPhone glass envelope again return?

Recently, Microsoft Word Flow prepare their input gives iOS users, this input method biggest highlights in its sector-specific keyboard mode. After the open sector keyboard mode, the user can select in the lower right corner or the lower left corner of the screen as the center, the keyboard is converted to a fan, so that the thumb can directly control the entire keyboard.
This feature Cock burst iOS Microsoft IME exposure details
This feature Cock burst iOS Microsoft IME details Exposure 1
In addition to the unique features of this fan-shaped keyboard, Word Flow also has a slide input, personalized themes popular with users of popular features.

But also in the personalized keyboard settings, Microsoft provides a very very detailed settings, the user can customize the keyboard not only the background, and even the color of each character can be pressed when the display changes, is not really looking forward to it ~

Currently, iOS version of the input method has opened the closed beta, we can be patient, and so on, is estimated from the open it is not far off.

iPhone glass envelope again return?

According to foreign media reports, KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-Ji (Ming-Chi Kuo) in his latest report mentioned that in 2017 Apple introduced a new generation of iPhone will return back glass after the shell, and the use of AMOLED screen.
From the iPhone 5, Apple uses aluminum alloy integrated body design, 6s to this generation, it has become the iconic iPhone appearance, but at the next generation iPhone (likely called iPhone 7s and 7s Plus), iPhone may reset all-glass back cover, just as the iPhone 4.

Apple uses glass as the phone after the iPhone 4 and 4s case that two generations of products, many people are not familiar with this configuration. Kuo Ming-Ji believes that Apple re-select glass not because aluminum is not good, but because the opponents have been integrated metal body, for competitive differentiation, Apple needs their product different from other products. This is in fact what the processor is further than using real problem.

In addition, the new iPhone will use AMOLED screen, it is thinner, can ease the increased weight caused by glass, but it needs to wait until 2017 to achieve.

Last week, there are rumors that Samsung's display division has signed with Apple, Apple will provide 100 million 5.5 inches OLED display every year. Industry observers expect the duration of the agreement between Apple and Samsung will be at least three years, the total price of the contract will reach $ 2.59 billion.
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