Wednesday, April 20, 2016

iPad was knocked overthrow stroller video exposure speechless

iPad was knocked overthrow stroller video exposure speechless

Recently, a " the iPad was overthrown woman knocked the other strollers," the video on the microblogging crazy pass, learned that Wang (male, 36 years old) and his wife Hwang (female, 25 years old) in Hangzhou Metro Line ding'an road station by passenger Humou (female, 24 years old) happen to touch the body, resulting in the hands of the iPad falling Hu, then an altercation. You can see from the video, the two sides altercation soon turned into a physical confrontation from the Metro staff has tried to mediate, and advance the stroller pushed aside. Dispute, Wang Hu foot kick Chuaidao abdomen, Hu clutching his stomach back against the post.

When we dissuade Wang, she rushed to the three-step outside the car and the baby, the stroller overturned.

Wang, 17-month-old baby daughter sitting inside the car, frightened cry, but was not injured. Metro staff immediately propped stroller, Wang heard her daughter crying, others angry, Hu continued with his right foot kicked the abdomen, then his wife Huang Hu left arm with the clutch hit, resulting in Humou abdomen, arms contusion.

After the two sides were advised to open the Metro staff and has an alarm.

After a whole micro-Bo @ Hangzhou things to restore things. Because the two sides quarrel turned into a physical confrontation, Hu Xing Nvzi admit, because they were kicked caesarean section scar, only impulse to overthrow the other side of the stroller.

Hu said he is guilty, do not want to give her friends and family to bring too much pressure, elderly parents do not want to see the news, triggering panic and their concerns. Their Caesarean scar was kicked, still need to rest in bed, unable to stand. It is understood that the end of December last year, she just caesarean section, gave birth to a son, a few days ago to return the unit to work.

It is understood that, after investigation and regulation and metro police officers, Hu Xing Nvzai young parents compensation for medical expenses 4000 yuan.
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