Thursday, April 21, 2016

iOS9.3 upgrade assists iOS9 rate climbed to 84%

iOS9.3 upgrade assists iOS9 rate climbed to 84%

In the spring conference last month, Apple announced iOS9 installation rate has reached 80%. At the same time, and almost at the same time iOS9 released Android6.0Marshmallow share of all Android systems only 2.3%, which also attracted the ridicule of Apple executives. According to Apple developer page, as of April 18, iOS9 installation rate has climbed to 84%, that month increased by 4 percentage points.

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For more than half a year has been released iOS9, its installation rate is eligible for 4 percent growth in a month as a surprise. Many people believe that this is the last month Apple released very "sincerity" in iOS9.3 brought results.

The latest official version iOS9.3.1, the latest beta version is iOS9.3.2. Up to now, Apple has released two iOS9.3.2Beta, we have not seen in this version there is any substantial new features. According to the developers introduced, iOS9.3.2 solve GameCenter without responding. The day before, Apple stopped iOS9.3 verify some of the equipment is expected to shut down the whole device authentication channel is the next few days things.

Traditionally, Apple will aid arena Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), introduced a new generation of mobile operating system, which is iOS10. Apple has recently confirmed that this year's WWDC conference held in time for the June 13 --17 days, a distance of less than two months now. However, while the General Assembly is not far WWDC2016 on iOS10 what will bring the new features is still a mystery.
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