Friday, April 22, 2016

iOS9.3 jailbreak vulnerability blocked escape difficult

iOS9.3 jailbreak vulnerability blocked escape difficult

Before jailbreak developer said it has mastered iOS9.2.1 / 9.3 beta is the perfect escape, I do not know whether this has been fixed vulnerabilities related to Apple?
Just like tossing users are still waiting iOS9.2.1 jailbreak, the latest news that Apple may have to repair the flaw in the latest iOS9.3 beta, which would make escape difficult.

According to foreign media reports ModMyi, sources said today Apple has just pushed the jailbreak iOS9.3 beta5 fixed vulnerabilities, Apple is not yet known how the discovery of this vulnerability. At the same time, ModMyi also said that the authenticity of the message has not yet been confirmed.

Early last month, the core members of the team Pangu Windknown worked in a technical article declared, iOS sandbox vulnerabilities can be exploited, and thereby obtain permission from the application code execution to break the kernel, I wonder if Apple is trying to fix this not subject to this "inspired"?

When in January, developers LucaTodesco has released a video showing his already iOS9.3beta1 in Cydia and install some plug-ins, and said that has mastered the iOS9.2, iOS9.2.1 and iOS9.3 beta of the perfect escape, but until now unwilling to disclose details and tools, bug fixes vulnerabilities in the Apple is also likely he is using.

Today jailbreak is becoming increasingly difficult, if Apple really iOS9.3 beta5 in respect of sealing off the jailbreak vulnerability, then the official version coming in will no doubt be more difficult to crack. Reasons of system security, after Pangu team recommends that users upgrade to iOS9.2.1 version as soon as possible.
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