Friday, April 22, 2016

iOS9.3 jailbreak jailbreak still life reproduction iOS9.3 beta5

iOS9.3 jailbreak jailbreak still life reproduction iOS9.3 beta5

Yesterday we reported that Apple has fixed a vulnerability in the jailbreak iOS9.3 beta5 message, which for many are still waiting for iOS9.3 jailbreak tool for users who may be a blow.

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Early in January, the developers LucaTodesco had been released and some of the video to demonstrate Cydia jailbreak iOS9.3 beta1 plug-ins to run in, but it is uncertain Apple fixes in iOS9.3 beta5 whether the jailbreak vulnerability and Todesco jailbreak iOS9. 3 used loopholes consistent.

But perhaps we do not need to wait for jailbreak friends discouraged, because Todesco in reply to another security researcher and developer StefanEsser time confirmed that he is still available in the jailbreak iOS9.3 beta5 in. It should be noted, Todesco has previously made it clear that he did not intend to release the jailbreak tool, from the current situation, his attitude has not changed.

The latest jailbreak tool supports iOS9-iOS9.0.2, while domestic jailbreak iOS9.3 jailbreak team has yet to make a stance. I do not know to wait for jailbreak friends, how much else?
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