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iOS9.3 and iOS9.3.1 which is better? iOS9.3 / 9.3.1 jailbreak will it?

iOS9.3 and iOS9.3.1 which is better? iOS9.3 / 9.3.1 jailbreak will it?

Apple closed yesterday after iOS9.2.1 system validation, iOS9 system fully into the "3.0" era. In the current open authentication system, iOS9.3 and iOS9.3.1 which is better? In features, system stability, which system is more advantage? In recent stir " escape ," said the, iOS9.3 jailbreak and iOS9.3.1 really coming?
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A, iOS9.3 and iOS9.3.1 which is better?

Updates Contrast:

1, iOS9.3

iOS9.3 official version on March 22 early morning start to push the upgrade. As a pioneer iOS9 system into "3.0" era, Apple iOS9.3 very high value, through an unprecedented seven test version iOS9.3 escort, forced fruit powder results disappointed on iOS9.3 upgrade issues and bug behind us say. Take a look at the new features of iOS9.3.

(1) Night Shift Blue reduction function off:

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Night Shift Blue off reduction function can be simply understood as a screen color temperature adjustment function, which lets cold shield Warming screen (but still warm warm screen display). According to Apple's introduction, Night Shift can use your iOS device clock and position information to determine your local sunset time, then automatically adjusted to the display color warmer tones. And in the morning, it will return to the General Settings screen. This feature is for those who like the night to play phone fruit powder is very useful, but when it comes to improving the quality of sleep as well as the protection of eyesight, etc., in respect of a matter of opinion.

(2) Memorandum of encryption:

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Apple iOS9.3 adds encryption memorandum applications to better protect the privacy of user information. Previously, users often need to use third-party applications to encrypt the information on the application and, after having memo encryption feature, you do not have to worry about their little secret to write someone else will be seen.

(3) Other new features:

In addition to Night Shift and memo encryption addition, iOS9.3 also allows users to some official applications hide infrequently used, but this operation a little complicated, here we are not described in detail. Nwes applications are changed, added a shortcut way and record reading preferences, at present News application are not logged in the country and so, and then the eggs. iOS9.3 map application by adding more useful information can be displayed near the place where all beer and skittles. There are photo editing features, Wallet application. Keyboard control has also been strengthened and optimized.

2, iOS9.3.1

Compared iOS9.3 is, iOS9.3.1 only a "temporary save the market" system, no new features, just to fix some problems iOS9.3 upgrade arise. However, iOS9.3 new feature on iOS9.3.1 also apply, so the updates both tied for first place.

Stability comparison:

1, iOS9.3
iOS9.3 upgrade a push on the problems that a lot of people can not accept, after all, after 7 Beta optimization, but that is the truth. After iOS9.3 push, there is part of the iPad 2 and older iPhone users encountered the problem of activation failed brick, Apple quickly respond, first pause push updates to these devices, followed by a new version of this part of the emergency release device iOS9.3 firmware, finally make up this pit.

However, after being bricked bug fixes, iOS9.3 has been discovered in the Safari browser, click on the application within the chain leading to the collapse of the bug, the bug directly spawned iOS9.3.1 release.

2, iOS9.3.1
Mentioned above, iOS9.3.1 just a system save the farm, in order to repair iOS9.3 Safari browser, click on the application within the chain leading to the collapse of the bug, Apple directly pushes iOS9.3.1 system for the encounter in the iOS9.3 bug users, the first time the upgrade is clearly benevolent, but did not encounter the bug for users, the upgrade is not much significance.

to sum up:

On the new features, iOS9.3 and iOS9.3.1 comparable; the system stability, iOS9.3.1 better than iOS9.3, after which the system iOS9.3 fixes may exist some problems and bug. It is worth mentioning that, iOS9.3 and iOS9.3.1 for smooth operation of iPhone4S and other old equipment to enhance the limited experience basically the same, so if you have not upgraded equipment iOS9.3, I suggest you do not temporarily rose.

Two, iOS9.3 / 9.3.1 jailbreak will it?

Pangu jailbreak iOS9.1 released last month, but many users have upgraded iOS9.2 or newer systems, so "miss perfect" of the escape. For iOS9.3 jailbreak and iOS9.3.1 expect that many people, so recently came iOS9.3 / 9.3.1 jailbreak news soon touted open.

iOS9.3 / 9.3.1 jailbreak two main messages:

1, a foreign social platform called enMTW developer claimed to have found loopholes in the system can be used to escape them in iOS9.3. However, this does not release jailbreak developer tools, because he had sold to China vulnerability, which means iOS9.3 jailbreak probably starting from the domestic team.
2 today, friends said, were found in the famous Cydia jailbreak widget AppSync updates, and on top of that we found out that AppSync support iOS version became iOS9.3.1. This could mean that the developers have begun internal testing the latest version of the Pangu jailbreak iOS plug-in compatibility. (APPsync is jailbreak iOS devices must be installed after the patch)
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The above two news came out, and soon attracted a public jailbreak crazy fruit powder transfer and speculation. Although jailbreak new progress is a good thing, but here we need to remind you:

Authenticity (1) message unknown

For enMTW remarks, many users think that this is just his self-hype (large foreign god usual trick), the first mention he who sold the vulnerability, and even there are no loopholes in it can not be proven, it can be reliability is not very high.

For plug-in compatible iOS9.3.1 AppSync update, query AppSync official sources and did not see clearly supported iOS9.3.1 explanation, it may be closed beta version, there may be friends spoof ps, authenticity to be verified.
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(2) has not yet made it clear that the team will launch iOS9.3 jailbreak

Currently Pangu's official website and official microblogging did not iOS9.3 / 9.3.1 jailbreak related information flows, foreign jailbreak community did not escape big God or organizations that will launch iOS9.3 / 9.3.1 jailbreak.

So what can we do?

1, cherish the existing jailbreak results, if you still have the opportunity to stay in the "prison", please do not upgrade;

2, wait. As in the past, like every escape, the past will always come.
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