Thursday, April 14, 2016

iOS9.3 1970 actually residual "variant" bug even WiFi hotspot

iOS9.3 1970 actually residual "variant" bug even WiFi hotspot 

Do you remember your iOS device system time was adjusted to make the device 1970.1.1 bricking bug it? Although Apple has this bug fixed in iOS9.3 in, but according to security researchers stated that they found a 1970 "variant" bug, as long as the iOS device connected to a WiFi hotspot, the device may become bricks.

  KrebsonSecurity noted that the loopholes in the system while taking advantage of two weaknesses found in iOS. The first weakness is the iOS device will automatically connect to a known WiFi hotspots, but according to the SSID to identify. iPhone and iPad is likely to automatically connect to a malicious WiFi hotspot, the hotspot will be disguised and known hotspots same name.

  The second weakness, iOS device (NTP) server constantly checks the time and date settings are correct via the Network Time Protocol. All researchers have to do is create your own WiFi hotspots and marked as "attwifi", their own NTP server may impersonate and send "1970.1.1" date is set to the user's device.

  Security researchers have this bug report to Apple, Apple has been fixed in iOS9.3.1 in, but before you run iOS9.3.1 equipment systems are still at risk. Reportedly, the vulnerability and the previous "1970" bug in a relationship, but not exactly the same.
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