Friday, April 22, 2016

iOS9.2.1 iPhone jailbreak the perfect escape in full swing this thing

iOS9.2.1 iPhone jailbreak the perfect escape in full swing this thing

iOS9.2.1 perfect escape imminent, iOS9.3 perfect escape might stand a chance.

Currently, the Apple iPhone is the most close to "perfect" the smart phone, but it is running iOS operating system restrictions on mobile phones. Thus, many users like to jailbreak their iPhone, and then to custom software applications and other features.

In fact, the "Prison Break" is very simple, the user through simple tools can be achievediPhone jailbreak . Then the iPhone jailbreak and non-jailbreak What is the difference? What escaped the advantages and disadvantages of it?

First, the benefits of:

You can install cracked games and software from a third party fees 1. After jailbreak;

2. You can install jailbreak jailbreak after various plug-ins , using various cracks functions, such as may be defined by jailbreak touch the fingerprint identification device lock screen, return to the main screen, and so on;

3. After jailbreak you can modify the system interface and themes, fonts, and so on. For example, to modify the carrier name, and replace the system fonts installed themes.

4. locking plug can be freely installed after jailbreak solve some restrictions on the use of, for example, +86 issue;

5. After the jailbreak can change system files, make some changes to the system, so that the device playability. For example, Japan and South Korea through the machine after jailbreak modify system files, you can turn off the sound pictures; some people take it to entrap people who do not understand the iPhone, such as some JS escape through the Japanese version of the machine modified to have a lock on the National Bank, the Hong Kong version of the machine, etc., profiteering.

Jailbreak can shield system updates. I believe many people hate iOS system to automatically download system updates it, jailbreak can shield system update after the upgrade is no longer prompted harassment.

Second, the bad:

1. Jailbreak State Bank and other machines no longer enjoy the official warranty policy, of course, you can brush back to the official system before sending aftermarket;

2. Plug the chaos after the jailbreak may cause system instability, white Apple and other issues, the most important plug-ins to choose their own;

3. If the machine is installed too jailbreak widget will lead to increased power consumption equipment;

4. chaos after the jailbreak to install some unknown plug-in will cause the system unsafe.

It may lead to limited functionality of some software 5. After the escape; you can not use Alipay fingerprint features such as on jailbroken devices.

6. jailbreak after updating the system will automatically shield end of the phone, you need to connect your computer to update the system (this is not too bad).
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