Friday, April 22, 2016

iOS9.1 jailbreak tool released Pangu jailbreak graphic tutorials iOS9.0-9.1

iOS9.1 jailbreak tool released Pangu jailbreak graphic tutorials iOS9.0-9.1

March 11 news: Domestic jailbreak team Pangu just released iOS9.1 perfect escape tool from the previous version iOS9.0-9.0.2 jailbreak released nearly half a year, it is learned that the version of the jailbreak tool has been upgraded to support iOS9 .1 system iPhone5s-iPhone6s / 6s Plus a key to escape. Xiao Bian bring you the following 25PP iOS9.0-9.1 Pangu jailbreak graphic tutorials.

IOS9.1 perfect escape detailed graphic tutorials

[ Escape before Notes ]
1.Please back up your device data before the jailbreak in order to avoid loss of 
and also
video tutorial

2. The jailbreak is compatible with 64-bit iOS9.1 devices (iPhone5s, the iPad MINI2, more than the iPad Air and model of the device can jailbreak) iOS9.2.1 does not support this escape
  3. Prior to the upgrade via OTA Apple device does not recommended iOS9.1 jailbreak (do not use iTunes to restore, the system will be upgraded to 9.2.1 after the recovery can not escape)
  4. Please exit and escape when the computer's iTunes
  5. Pangu jailbreak tool is the use of loopholes in the system backup, so the backup will automatically begin jail time, please make sure the computer C disk has enough storage space;
  6. The need to install on your computer in advance iTunes, ensure that the computer and the access network iOS9 devices are functioning properly to ensure that the device itself is fully charged;

  [ Jailbreak graphic tutorial ]

  First, the escape before the operation:
  1. Be sure to escape before the device "Settings" - "iCloud" - Close "Find me the iPhone "
  2. Be sure to escape before the device "Settings" - "TouchID and password" - "Close Password"
  Second, the operation began to escape:
  1. Open the PP escape Assistant  
Jailbreak assistant before linking equipment .png

  2. Identify the Apple device to click a button [Jailbreak]
  Connected devices .png
  3. Click the Pangu jailbreak jailbreak tool [Start] button
  Start jailbreak .jpg
  4. Read the instructions carefully [Jailbreak], click [Backup] I have the next step
  Read Jailbreak Instructions .jpg
  5. Pangu jailbreak tool is a device to escape, when the proceeds to prompt "Please turn on Airplane Mode", open Apple devices flight mode, PP jailbreak jailbreak tool will continue
  Open your device's airplane mode
  Airplane mode .gif
  6. Pangu jailbreak tool to "unlock the device, click <Pangu> icon on the desktop", turn on the Apple device, tap a cell phone screen, "Pangu" icon

  7. Pangu jailbreak tool is a device to escape, please be patient success tips [Jailbreak]
  Tips: Children's escape after the first run on Apple devices once cydia, until after Cydia is loaded, and run it again PP assistant jailbreak, follow the prompts to install the patch, you can install the mass application oh

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