Thursday, April 21, 2016

iOS9.1 jailbreak removal set the subscript / tutorial software update alerts

iOS9.1 jailbreak removal set the subscript / tutorial software update alerts

Stuck in iOS9.1 system, did not hold back updates fruit powder finally have good news on Friday domestic jailbreak team Pangu released iOS9.1 jailbreak tool, and above models support iPhone5siPhone jailbreak . Because Apple iOS9 system has been updated to iOS9.2.1, therefore the user after completion of iOS9.1 jailbreak found settings in the software updates reminders still, how to remove this "eyesore" update prompt it?
IOS9.1 jailbreak tool Pangu Download and graphic jailbreak tutorial

iOS9.1 jailbreak removal set the subscript / tutorial software update alerts

method one:

1, the device complete the connection iOS9.1 jailbreak PP assistant computer version of the file - found [/ var / mobile / Library / Caches] Path File System (jailbreak), double-click to open the file [];

2, in the editor find [<string> 9.1 </ string>] (penultimate 6 <string>), will be modified to 9.1 9.2.1, and then further on to find [<string> 13B143 </ string>] ( penultimate 9 <string>), will 13B143 modified 13D20, then save and reboot the device, you can see the settings in the "1" has been successfully removed the word reminder.
QQ screenshot 20160314170047.jpg
Note: This method has a chance to fail, once the operation failure will lead to the white apple, the device must be restored to the latest iOS9.2.1 system, it is recommended that novice users do not try.

Method two:

1. Open the device completes iOS9.1 jailbreak jailbreak store Cydia, install jailbreak search plugin CCSetting;
2, open the Control Center, find [subscript] cleanup function, you can remove the application click the subscript.
initpintu_ copy .jpg
Need to be reminded, CCSetting plug angle standard clean-up function can only remove desktop application angle standard equipment, when you enter the device settings will still see the corresponding upgrade reminder, however, use the subscript CCSetting removal easier and safer , so Xiaobian suggest that you try using this method to remove the system upgrade remind subscript.

In addition, for a positive we intend to iOS9.1 jailbreak user, if you do not want to see the system after the jailbreak software update prompt, I suggest you first restore the factory operating the equipment before the jailbreak, then to escape.
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