Friday, April 22, 2016

iOS9 not escape close animation tutorial cure Caton

iOS9 not escape close animation tutorial cure Caton

When Apple released iOS9 also brought new animation effects, although looked pleasing, but I think some people will think this is to some extent slow down the operating speed in the jailbreak on the device can be installed plug-ins to completely shut down the animation, in fact, not against jailbreak devices also have the means.

We know that you can turn off the animation in "Settings - General weakening dynamic effect - - Accessibility", but this does not completely shut down, or when switching interface can see the transition effect. The following method is not to jailbreak the device to be introduced, in fact, can be considered a "good" system failures.

Step one: open the "Settings - General - Accessibility -AssistiveTouch", that is, enable the "white spots"
Step two: return to the desktop, the "white point" is moved to the lower right corner
The third step: swipe down to bring up the Spotlight, click Exit Spotlight
Step Four: Repeat the third step several times until the animation is completely closed

Might need to perform the third step, when a number of times, if the objective was achieved and you'll find Spotlight to enter and exit more Jiali Suo, that animation has been successfully closed, open the application to return the desktop and other operations also true , then close the "white spots" will not be affected.

The principle of this method is to, or fault source that is turned on "white spot" when an exit Spotlight operation allows SpringBoard animation engine "chaos", and thus make it invalid. If you want to restore animation is also very simple, you can reboot the device.
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