Friday, April 22, 2016

iOS9 jailbreak utility plug recommend Icon Tool rescue OCD

iOS9 jailbreak utility plug recommend Icon Tool rescue OCD

OCD is how a kind of existence? If you are surrounded by a "obsessive-compulsive disorder," then there may be such a situation: When you go to the library together, you will find that he / she will be converted at any time into the role of the librarian, the rickety stack of books neat place, the same situation may also occur in the water and soil in the process. If you "have" to look at the OCD phone, you will never see a red corner the subject exist, and in large and small applications App cache is not cleared even more unhappy. Perhaps you will find very hard to accept such a life, it is not casual, but so what? Happy.

It is said that OCD iPhone Desktop is this
You may be wondering, obsessive-compulsive disorder is how to take care of the phone App neatly, but also how patiently for each App cache clean, in fact, has a long OCD necessary plug-ins , not all existence rules are clear of one second. Today, we give you about is one application can help you get rid of the subscript, clearing application cache iOS9 jailbreak plug --Icon Tool.
Plug-ins Introduction:
Name: Icon Tool
Compatible Systems: iOS6 / 7/8/9 jailbreak
The main function: to clear the subscript, clear the cache, icons, renaming, data backup / restore, set custom subscript
Plug-in source address: BigBoss source
Price: $ 1
Crack download address: http: // ( Note: cracked version is only for the experience, if you like this plugin, please support genuine )

Icon Tool installation methods:
1. Open the equipment after the jailbreak app store Cydia, install search plugin Icon Tool (without any icon after installation);

2, into the device desktop, press any icon in the icon shake [3] the continuous click the application you want to operate, brings up the menu, you can operate in accordance with demand.

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