Friday, April 22, 2016

iOS9 encryption technology reveal escape difficult really because

iOS9 encryption technology reveal escape difficult really because 

March 9 Big Event: Apple with the FBI on unlocking iPhone5C regarding the dispute is not over yet, why that station iPhone5C used by terrorists would be so difficult to crack? Because it is installed encryption technology stronger iOS9 system. Early in the iOS8 release, Apple iOS system of security has been upgraded, now enhanced version of the FBI iOS9 has made ​​powerless, it also seems to imply iOS9.2 / 9.2.1 jailbreak will continue, "the trail."

Although the strong encryption technology iOS9 50 million users face FBI becomes transparent

Unlock iPhone5C on the issue, Apple's software engineering director Craig Federici expressed, "FBI, Justice Department and other law enforcement agencies want to make us turn the clock back to a lower safety factor and technical factor age (especially iOS7 ) Although iOS7 in 2013 does represent the most cutting-edge security technology, but now it has been hacked. to make matters worse, hackers also iOS7 crack method of product can be sold to those unskilled but more malicious attacks person. "the implication, only upgrade iOS8 even iOS9, in order to avoid these hackers. At present, there are nearly 50 million users still use iOS8 following system.


Craig Federici view unreasonable. Although iOS8 / iOS9 system is often due to some small BUG caused users Tucao, but they upgrade log you can see, almost every version of Apple in strengthening the security of the system, which also makes the current iOS9 become more "Unbreakable" . For the jailbreak team, safer iOS9 system means greater challenges, Apple iOS9 security system upgrade, system vulnerabilities continue to be blocked, it is no wonder iOS9.2 / 9.2.1 jailbreak tool has yet to messages.
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