Friday, April 29, 2016

iOS10 highlights what? Term foreign media summary iOS10

iOS10 highlights what? Term foreign media summary iOS10 

iOS10 highlights what? Term foreign media summary iOS10

Recently, foreign media Pocket-lint for us to summarize all the operating systems on iOS10 speculation, rumors and proprietary information, such as time release, new features, and so on, let's take a look.
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release time
iOS9 last summer WWDC2015 released and formally push in September, if Apple did not change the release cycle, then iOS10 will be unveiled at the WWDC conference in June this year, the official arrival in the fall. Apple usually released three months before the new system, push, allowing developers to experience in advance, and application optimization.

new function
So far, information about new features iOS10 very limited, although in the past few months, there are some very interesting news, but Apple has not been officially confirmed.

Remove native application
Currently iOS system in a number of native applications can not be deleted, such as compass and stock, etc., according to iTunes metadata display, users can iOS10 system in this part of the application is hidden, of course, Delete still can not do.

Rootless Security System
It is said that Apple is building Rootless system will allow jailbreak becomes increasingly difficult. This system can prevent certain files for administrator-level access to iOS system, which makes iOS system vulnerabilities harder to exploit.

HomeKit center
Apple for the smart home products developed HomeKit has not a single application, the user can only be controlled through Siri voice assistant, and in iOS10, we will likely see HomeKit the first application that will serve as smart home hub.

iCloud Voicemail
Some media reports said, Siri iCloud Voicemail will add a function named iOS10, she can convert voicemail to text content, allowing users to quickly browse and read.

Available Contacts
A recent patent shows that Apple is developing a new feature that allows users to view contacts can currently call. This feature can detect the location of contacts, whether they are using iPhone and other information, and displayed in the "Contacts" application.

Photos app
Though there have been news that Apple intends iOS10 and OSX10.12 in photo applications to improve that time, the Photos app will add EXIF ​​information editing and touch-based features such as brush.

Compatible devices
Some reported that, iOS10 will be asked to run the device has more memory (512MB), so the new system may not be compatible with the iPad 2 and iPhone4s.
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