Saturday, April 30, 2016

IOS10 away iOS9.3 bug latest rumor rollup

IOS10 away iOS9.3 bug latest rumor rollup

IOS10 away iOS9.3 bug latest rumor rollup

 1, super beautiful opening screen, icons,

  First meditation appreciate the boot screen transition effects both interfaces good praise, really show the lock screen wallpaper and a sense of difference. Animation of feeling in use is too important:
iOS10 when the latest rumor rollup .jpg iOS10
  Admire again found no, each icon are moving ah There are wood, healthy heartbeat, the weather in the rising sun, Barbara picturesque beauty, more power? This effect is definitely a switch anyway, you want to start having fun on the open theme chant ~

  2, saving and viewing motion pictures

  OMG, this is the respect for it? So much beauty to see it move better, do not be too obsessed with me! However, action figure take up memory is also quite terrible, babies will continue to choose 16G do?

  3, you can delete the application comes

  He said memory is not enough, there is "the great savior"! iOS10 support may delete own applications! Currently Apple iOS system comes up to more than 30 applications, almost all "with no eggs", not only occupy memory space, but also to love fresh OCD patients can not stand, if iOS10 delete native application support, the operation much easier a.

  4, the control center more user-friendly

  The control center can easily turn on the flashlight, cameras, wireless network. However, the application can display the shortcut had a few, if they support the user the ability to customize the control center to sort, like a number. This desire is expected to achieve in iOS10, it seems really good hyun, but also takes the picture size is also more reasonable:

  5, more Niubi 3D Touch!

  In September this year unveiled iPhone on 7 / 7Plus, 3D Touch is certainly important functions, iOS10 will be specifically optimized for 3D Touch upgrade , create more streamlined interaction, after all, the 3D Touch has not been authorized users, if it It can be photographed (vigorously press the "camera" icon), you'll love (who did not find me candid!):

  6, local file manager

  You can view any file in the phone, a familiar picture. . . The feel is not tricky, after all, and Andrews systems still have differences. iOS system is by virtue of "no residue unloading, transfer super complicated," known to us to establish File Manager What is the role? Can we do it to get rid of iTunes?

  In addition, after after iOS8, iOS9 system upgrades have BUG dilemma, iOS10 stability and smooth will also become a top priority, hope Apple can strive to have a baby can rest assured that system upgrades and iOS10 smooth use.
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