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Imperial War A5-A7 card group recommended the royal war

Imperial War A5-A7 card group recommended the royal war 

Imperial War A4-A7 card group recommended poison crossbow stream X, X crossbow has been quiet for too long, not even after a patch weaken the novice area with nobody, and today brings card group is the first step to save the X Series crossbow currently 3000 Cup test environment is still relatively stable, I believe in A5-A7 environment can have a good play, like X crossbow players do not miss.

  [Overview] card group
Imperial War A5-A7 deck recommendation 1

  Card fee groups were 3.5 and truth in terms of the card group is an unfinished deck, there are many cards which can be replaced, we do not make any sense to the average rate on the replacement card group below us single card presentation It will be mentioned.

  [Introduction] single card

  Imperial War A5-A7 card group recommended 2

  Three brothers shared fate: X crossbow, electrical towers, cannon

  Because overprotective X crossbow electrical towers and cannons in the same period has also suffered strong against weakened, although it can not and X crossbow as injured tendons broken bones but the overall strength is still a little downturn, electrical towers have no way to directly erected as before X crossbow front to resist damage, so the card group a greater role in the case is not brought crossbow X defense, and the protection of the original X position is replaced by a crossbow cannon.

  Imperial War A5-A7 card group recommended 3

  New Partnership: archers, poison spell

  Archer is indeed after a revised rise of the card, the card and goblins biggest difference lies in the hands of spears for different units, goblins prefer to cast spear hand cannon fodder or grinding of towers as the presence of blood, while the archers are more used to solve the field against enemy forces can result in a more efficient killer. As for the poison is to allow us to put down a large mold servant again like X crossbow soul card, did not cover the tower we will use magic to cover, by all means let X crossbow stand up!

  Replacement recommendation: no valid card group injury spell straight, can only withstand the flies swarm with archers, if necessary, replaced with arrows the archers. And if that means less control field, you can put into an electrical tower like a fireball.

  [Thinking] card group

  Warning: This card is only for hardcore gamers group X crossbow flow, because too many X crossbow core gameplay is difficult to express, so the X crossbow is not so familiar with the players may feel that this card group fighting pit father too low.

  Imperial War A5-A7 card group recommended 4
  Core layout poison crossbow is probably the case, put in mortar cover X crossbow and poison fight unfold, in general mainstream restraint X crossbow several cards can be effectively stopped in this case, can not be met interception on the use of skeletons and goblins Lancer forcibly pad in front!

  【to sum up】

  Imperial War A4-A7 card group recommended poison X crossbow stream, as a first step to save X X crossbow crossbow after the imminent demise, the card also need to set the players according to their own situation to adjust, but the whole idea is to use poison as a defense control field spell hope that this idea can make you like ~!
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