Monday, April 18, 2016

Huawei millet in succession into the VR market then Apple does

Huawei millet in succession into the VR market then Apple does

Heat on virtual reality device is still not reduced, and as many of the VR equipment into the market after such HTCVive, LG, Samsung, Google, Oculus, etc., domestic manufacturers such as Huawei, millet is also running into the VR market, in fact, virtual reality experience, and we are constantly shrinking the distance near.
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  For us, though use of VR equipment is extensive, but our attention is concentrated more to virtual reality devices to bring our entertainment experience above. Although this market looks very lively, VR game more and more, the effect is getting better, it seems that we have come to the front of Apple, but Apple remains silent.

  No matter how right outside hype, Apple still does not imply that the virtual reality device in the end when to come. Although the iPhone has adapted some of the VR device, but in the end Apple's virtual reality devices when to come? What Apple still waiting for? This is all very dreams.

  In fact, although the game VR space looks great, but due to various constraints, in fact, temporarily leaving VR makers activity space is not sufficient, perhaps when Apple decided to enter the field when the game VR, VR equipment has It is that everyone can afford the. This refers, of course, it is not Google's Cardboard, but more sophisticated device than HTC Vive.

  Of course, we also need to play with more advanced VR mode, even said that these devices will become very lightweight and independent existence. Apple before attempting to venture capital for their virtual reality game, they will certainly evaluate well, in the end their own distance how far the perfect balance.

  No one can be found on the VR equipment market winning formula, cheap Google Cardboard may be a way, it seems to be relatively professional HTC Vive is perhaps another way, or that there are more likely to be consumer acceptance of the road?

  Apple tends to wait on emerging platforms, historically, every time Apple's new "concept" are usually successful, even if we Tucao Apple Watch, which has also made achievements unmatched by competitors. If the final apple VR won the same fate as the Apple Watch, in fact, I think Apple did not complain too much. To know the new Apple TV began to focus on the game, even after Apple VR perfect adaptation Apple TV?

  Well, if virtual reality is a game platform, with dedicated hardware and space, then you develop a virtual reality helmet out, in fact, does not make sense, because you have to rely on others, if you can look forward to, we would rather have Apple VR own unique system, with iOS perfect fit, rushing into the market in order to enter the market, this is not Apple.
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