Thursday, April 21, 2016

How Apple can succeed car?

How Apple can succeed car?

 Beijing April 22, according to foreign media reports, this fall, Apple will release the highly anticipated the iPhone . 7, but compared to the mobile phone, Apple could focus more on its future product development, after all, the profit that is sustainable development source spring, the future of this product is the rumored Apple car (in fact, electric cars). Perhaps in the eyes of many people, Apple has never been something to worry about selling out to sell a large one, but in fact, to get a true apples car into the household, Apple need not just brand aura so simple, real product strength is the most important factor.

  CarPlay system played a pathfinder role

  Here we take stock of what the car can be three reasons Apple's success:

  Reason 1: The electric car market is booming

  Although on the whole electric car still belongs to a niche product, but it is undeniable that its sales are growing rapidly (to know that we are in the early electric car revolution). Throughout 2015, the global electric vehicle sales reached 2.4 million, but is expected to 2024, this figure will increase to 6 million.

  News that Apple car will be available in 2019, when, the electric car market has been considerable size, Apple without a risk culture market.

  Bloomberg under the "New Energy Finance," said in 2024, the electric car market will gradually into the right track. Its latest report shows that while the market share of electric cars now a miserable 1%, but by 2040 it will quickly grow to 35%.

  Of course, as a rising star in the field of electric vehicles Apple will face fierce competition, it is one of the most powerful Tesla. But Apple chose a good time node, by 2019 the electric car market is still in the ascendant, the car left Apple is still much room for development.

  Reason 2: Apple on this project has invested enormous human and material resources

  Previously, the technology site AppleInsider reported that Apple's car project "Titan Plan" has more than 1000 employees. In addition, they also recently hired former vice president of vehicle engineering Tesla Pollitt, and Pollitt had also done well-known sports car manufacturer Aston Martin • chief engineer. The future he will become the new leader of the Titan program, with its wealth of experience to help Apple build electric vehicles.

  In addition to the leader, Apple also Titan plans to recruit a lot of talent, such as artificial intelligence experts from NVIDIA Jonathan (the company has been the world's leading semi-automatic driving chip manufacturer), the future of Jonathan will be responsible for helping Apple to develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS ).

  In addition, Apple's chief designer Jonathan Ive • has become a part of the Titan program, presumably Apple appearance of the car will not let us down. In addition to talent, Apple on infrastructure is also very generous, they bought a lot of land, the construction of the garage and workshop.

  The meaning behind the combination of boxing, although we do not know, but the discerning eye can see Apple move it real, they are very hard on the Titan program.

  Reason 3: Apple on the operating system has great advantages

  If you make your own design of the vehicle interior, I am afraid that in addition to all kinds of buttons and Dangba, a favorite is a large responsive touch screen, because this configuration makes the vehicle look full sense of technology.

  Apple in this regard, but the experts, and it has passed CarPlay system involved in the automotive industry. Future, Apple may be by means of their own experience in the software for the vehicle design a new operating system that will be the depth of integration Siri and so we have a common iOS functions.

  In fact, these functions of the traditional automobile manufacturers have long thought, they have also been associated attempts, but the results are not always satisfactory, but also in the car operate the touch screen or voice control will always be a distraction, if you want to solve these problems, Apple probably have to go into action. Furthermore, the system could become Apple's exclusive selling cars stand out.

  to sum up

  For a consumer electronics manufacturers, to create a car is not easy, although Apple has many advantages, but if you do not mind business, Apple car is still elusive.

  However, if Apple car can be listed as scheduled, then it's still a very big chance of winning, but this product will bring a new stage of Apple's innovation.
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