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Greedy greedy cave caves Raiders skills to select a detailed

Greedy greedy cave caves Raiders skills to select a detailed 

Greedy greedy cave caves Raiders skills to select a detailed
 "Greedy cave" talent skill tree system is simple and pure, simplifies the skill tree, reducing the difficulty of choice, the skill system showing a more in-depth free. Players can combine their properties and equipment, free choice of skill trees, thousands of thousand faces. So many choices, in the end what is the optimal solution it? Benpian Raiders try to help you find the appropriate answers.

  To match the best skills, it must first "greedy cave" skill system has a basic understanding.

  First, the skill activation. Activate the "greedy cave" skills need to assign attribute points to unlock. The only way to get attribute points to upgrade a character. So to activate skills, role of the upgrade is the primary task of the pre-game.

  "Greed Cave" Practical guide

  Second, the type of skills. "Greed Cave" Combat Skills are divided into categories and auxiliary lines. Combat service in combat skills, the auxiliary spells are used to explore the map. In the early character attributes low when exploring the map skills are more affordable than fighting spells. After the increase in the late character attributes, combat skills need to switch.

  Third, the distinction between a normal attack and magic attack attributes. "Greedy cave" of fire, water, wood, light and dark attribute attack five kinds of property belonging to magic attacks. Magic is designed to improve the properties of the magic attack damage of property.

  Fourth, the consumption of large mana skills to attack. Level 30 characters, general equipment gold, dark gold in half, and equipment to strengthen +3 to +6 range, property and equipment not deliberately heap medium players mana, magic cap value at about 350. Common skills mana consumes minimal "combo" have 15 points. It means skill attack about twenty times should add mana. Therefore, one needs to choose their own more useful skills; on the other hand, attack skills can not be abused, be sure to make the best use.

  "Greed Cave" in the mana very valuable

  Early Exploration map skills to select, recommend "Removing the trap", "telekinesis" and "random transfer", it can minimize the consumption of blood in the early blood less the case. Late Combat skills you need to be flexible with the choice based on property and equipment.

  "Greed Cave" Explore map skills

  "Therapy", "control elements", "magic draw", "burst of energy", "guard force field" six skills clearly belongs attribute attack magic skills for higher magic attack damage property players. In addition to passive skills "control elements" and "weakness insight" outside the four skills are associated with the magic value. Therefore, the most appropriate way is to add a little magic + magic + dodge, the most suitable property and equipment with magic properties magic attack + + dodge + mana. Enhance the magic value can greatly improve the ordinary magic attack damage and skill damage. Dodge can improve the viability of mana you can give skills to attack with more space.
  "Greed Cave" magic attack skills to select Properties

  "Siphon cut", "batter", "fragmented", "fatal blow", "Berserker Rage," "crucial blow" Six Practical skills are more inclined to physical attacks.

   "Siphon cut" to reduce the amount of blood consumption. "Batter", "split" and "fatal blow" skills for rapid clear mobs. "Berserker Rage" for the Jedi, "the key hit," is applicable to a high crit rate players. Choose the appropriate number of points and is equipped with attributes attack + crit rate + dodge rate.

  "Thorns armor", "a suicide attack," two skills for life high value players. These two skills seem flat, but because there is no mana consumption, so if with the best equipment is also very good skills to select. Points with ATK + is the value of life. ATK + equipment selection is the value of life. Choice of equipment on the one hand, the maximum increase attack power and life, on the one hand the maximum reduction in defense. This choice for the higher spending power players.

  "Greed Cave" Players equipment display

  "Counterattack" good operating skills for the players, "instant body art 'skills fit in the equipment piled more value" dodge "attribute of the players," clean break "skill belongs to lucky players.

  The link between "greedy cave" equipment, talent, skill and monster systems are very close-minded players in the game a lot of research on the basis of individual choice will be more abundant in this initiate, players like hope.
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