Thursday, April 21, 2016

Greatly big trick! iPhone7 new color waterproof + + Home key optimization

Greatly big trick! iPhone7 new color waterproof + + Home key optimization

iPhone already a long time does not appear in this black color, but Apple intends to rejoin the new iPhone in the past.
Greatly big trick!  iPhone7 new color waterproof + + Home key optimization 
Now, the latest news, iPhone7 has completed the third round of testing, people more surprise is that its waterproof and dustproof function is preserved, if Apple does not do the follow-up big adjustment, the three anti-function will be appear in the official version.

iPhone7 added water will always make people feel is what makes sense, you know before the iPhone6s, Apple has strengthened waterproof, practice, internal plus a layer of waterproof glue, but more importantly, iPhone waterproof of apple has been done for two years, is now enabled on the new iPhone, it is a good start, after all, a more let fruit powder buy buy buy gimmick.

iPhone7 there will be another change in the Home key to unlocking its original push, direct induction into concrete implementation it seems to be a similar increase in motor parts, feel the vibration when touched, bringing the feel and pressing very close.

In addition, Apple will also join in on the new iPhone new color, namely black and matte black two, but the specific reservations which have not yet been finalized, but there will be black in the official version, I do not know to hear this news after fruit powder how does it feel?
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