Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Game performance competition why iPhone6 ​​/ SE / 6s can rolling Andrews king

Game performance competition why iPhone6 ​​/ SE / 6s can rolling Andrews king

Game performance competition why iPhone6 ​​ SE  6s can rolling Andrews king

Major mobile phone manufacturers release new spring has officially ended, and even Apple With cheap version iPhone to join the fun back. While many people like to talk about running points, but the game runs on top of any phone's CPU and GPU to run points and actual performance does not match. In this regard, Apple's products are still rolling a public Android competitors.

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When evaluating a consumer electronics device, running sub arguably the most exciting part of the. However, performance tests and on the computer, compared to the mobile device to run sub-test is much more difficult. Very easy to simulate running smart device manufacturers, "play", resulting in no real results. So if the PC running that points to a copy Android / iOS environment, it would be a lot of problems.

In many years of tests, we found that PC running points among One of the tests can not be moved to the mobile platform, which is to run sub-game performance.

Game developers are not a member of any number of frames in his works which display, calculating the number of frames needed to run the game on a substantial adjustment code - which often is the root or jailbreak form achieved. There is a company called GameBench been trying to solve this problem, but until last year - after the company also set up three years - they released new tools so that we can finally view the mobile device to run game the data, including FPS, CPU / GPU occupancy, and even power consumption.
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Unfortunately, GameBench tool also highlights a mobile game to run a sub significant restrictions - mobile gaming presence frames bottlenecks. Most mobile gaming frames have stayed at 30fps, some large game up to 60fps. Although this saves a life, but it also means that no matter how strong the performance of mobile phones, it can only be up to 60fps.

But even maintain 60fps number of frames, the performance of most Android phones are not good. When you run "Lara Groft Go" game, Galaxy S7 edge can only be maintained at 44fps, LG G5 to 42fps, and has just released HTC 10 also only 44fps.

These three phones are released this year, the latest flagship phone, they are equipped with the most powerful hardware configuration. But it is clear that their performance is significantly behind Apple's iPhone.

Recently released iPhoneSE uses the same hardware and 6s, and can easily reach the maximum number of frames at 60fps. And even exists already 2 years iPhone6, when the running game can be maintained at 59fps. The iOS and Android camp performance in the game why there will be such a big gap?

This is because the mobile game to give priority to the iOS platform, even if Android's market share far more than iOS, it can not change this reality.

iOS developers generally can get higher returns, and the platform is almost no fragmentation problem, developers need adaptation to the screen size and processor is much less, which allows them to provide better optimization. In contrast Android platform, developers need to take into account the hundreds of different types of equipment, which is contained a large number of different processor types and display parameters.

In Android to solve this problem - or developers to provide special optimization - before the platform hardware performance in the game is unable to catch up with iOS devices. In this competition, Apple will always be a winner.

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