Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fu iPhone7 screen iPad Pro will be more excellent care

Fu iPhone7 screen iPad Pro will be more excellent care

Today, specializing in display aspects of scientific testing and calibration mechanism DisplayMate, released a report on the latest Apple 9.7 inches iPad authoritative test reports Pro screen. Report, DisplayMate says the tablet screen performance incredibly well, and this screen will be referred to as "tested the performance of the best mobile LCD display."

  DisplayMate so well that the iPad Pro is based on several reasons:

  - Two standard automatic switching of the color gamut, excellent color accuracy: two color gamut are DCI-P3 color gamut and sRGB / Rec.709, and each color gamut also provides excellent color accuracy (1.3 JNCD deviation), and more important to be able between DCI-P3 color gamut and sRGB / Rec.709 "automatic switching", the situation is due to a single cause color gamut and oversaturated display does not appear.

  - Is lower than any one of the mobile device's screen reflectance: ambient light source reflection rate of 1.7%. Than any mobile display screens have lower reflectivity, color and contrast of the image in high ambient light performance is the best.

  - Full-size tablet of the highest peak brightness: 511 cd / m 2 (nits), contrast iPad Air 2 test before they increased by more than 20%

  - Maximum ambient light contrast (301)

  - Minimum brightness and wide viewing angle color plummeted, even in 30-degree viewing angle, there is no significant visual change in color, brightness is only reduced the range of 47-55%

  9.7 inches iPad Pro so excellent screen performance shows, Apple apparently have the ability to come up with most of the "color" of the screen. Now the question is now, in the case of iPhone6s and 6s Plus sales slowdown, the iPhone . 7 could not be easier to cope with the launch has not realistic, and whether there is a possibility that the iPad Pro technology applied to the iPhone7 it?

  Consider Apple keen interest in new technology to expand into various product lines, but also the "iPad exclusive technology" applied to the precedent on the iPhone, according to several significant improvements screen technology on the iPad Pro, the upcoming release and fall the iPhone7, we can reasonably believe that the integration of 9.7 inches iPad Pro screen technology.
  For example, the new on iPhone7 DCI-P3 color gamut, but also using the latest anti-reflective coating, the current iPhone6s about 4.6% reflectivity further reduced to at least 1.7%, these three important characteristics which should contain iPhone7 one. Of course, within the upgrade iPhone screen brightness, contrast and readability, also in Apple's absolute plan, each generation iPhone have some improvement in these three areas.

  At the same time, Apple may integrate in iPhone7 upgrade four-channel ambient light sensor for service True Tone feature that lets iPhone7 to ambient light and automatically adjusts the display brightness based on the color, making the reading experience more comfortable and natural.

  Although the resolution enhancement Maybe Apple still will not be considered, but in view of today's mainstream flagship smartphones are non than usual to iPad Pro screen technology to enhance the competitiveness obviously very necessary, otherwise the iPhone6s and 6s Plus users upgrade value is difficult to be reflected.
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